Hated In The Nation (Laura’s Version)

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Laura sent me a draft article/blog post to review. This wasn’t something we had discussed, and it wasn’t something I suggested she write. She wrote this on her own and then asked me if I’d be OK with her publishing it.

She doesn’t need my permission to speak, but I previously asked Laura not to make public statements about this case (after I got involved). As this phase of the case is now coming to an end, I think Laura deserves a chance to share her side of the story and more details about how she is feeling today. YES, I know there are still unanswered questions, but we will get to all that in just 12 days.

For now, I’m going to share Laura’s comments as-written. I haven’t edited any part of her remarks, nor have I added anything to them other than this intro.

As I was reading Laura’s post, and really since becoming involved in this case, it struck me how many parallels there are to a Black Mirror episode called Hated In The Nation. If you’ve never seen this, jump on Netflix and find it (season 3, episode 6).

Hated In The Nation tells the story of several people who die mysteriously (and painfully) after they found themselves targeted by angry haters on social media. We eventually learn a hacker created a “Game of Consequences” where people on Twitter can nominate anyone they dislike with a hashtag: #DeathTo. Each day at 5 PM, the person with the most votes is killed by a swarm of robot insects, and the game starts over again the next day.

I won’t spoil the outcome, but the story ends with “justice” being served in a very strange way.

The reason I mention this is because there’s a scene in Hated In The Nation where a woman tells the police what it was like to be the target of hate on social media:

It was like having a whole weather system turn against me. Just hate message after hate message, around the clock … It’s hard to describe what that does to your head. Suddenly there’s a million invisible people, all talking about how they despise you. Hands up, I made a mistake … but the way people enjoyed kicking me, that’s what got to me. 

That comment really struck me. I’ve been involved in some controversial cases over the years, and I’ve seen what online hate looks like. Most of the time, it’s annoying and it can be painful, but it tends to be short lived and everyone quickly moves on.

This case – Laura’s case – is different.

To be honest, I’ve never seen the level of raw, unchained, venomous hate that Laura’s critics have. It’s actually fairly shocking, even to a guy who has seen much, much, much more of this sort of thing than most people. You really start to wonder – how can people be this depraved, heartless, hate-filled?

I mean, criticizing Laura for her actions is one thing.

Laughing and enjoying someone else’s pain….that’s something entirely different.

The good news is that EVERY CASE WILL EVENTUALLY END. Yes, even this one. If justice has anything to do with it, I’m confident the outcome will be fine for Laura. Yeah, that may require an appeal to get there, but we WILL get there.

Until that happens, I will not leave Laura to fight this battle alone. Yes, I’m still honoring all my ethical duties, but we’re not at that point yet where I’m unable to continue, so if you think I’m walking away anytime soon…I’m not.

With that said, here’s what Laura wanted to say:


Every morning begins with a jolt of panic, yanking me from what little sleep I manage to get. My name is Laura, but in the twisted world of my tormentors, aka the “Justice for Clayton” cult, I’m Jane Doe or JD. For nine relentless months, I’ve been living a nightmare that invades every aspect of my life.

The moment I open my eyes, dread settles over me like a thick fog. My phone buzzes incessantly with notifications. The first thing I do is check Reddit, bracing myself for the barrage of hate. The subreddit r/JusticeForClayton is a cesspool of vitriol. “She’s a compulsive liar, and all her evidence is fake,” reads one post. “She manipulates everyone around her and then plays the victim,” says another. Each comment is a knife, cutting deeper into my already fragile psyche.

Twitter is no refuge, and I hate myself for checking it when I know I shouldn’t.  It will only upset me more. The account @ClaytonsJustice is active as usual. “Laura is a pathological liar and deserves every bit of suffering she gets,” one tweet declares. “She’s dangerous and manipulative; she should be locked up,” says another. They’ve shared more of my personal information, encouraging others to join the hunt. It’s like being hunted, with no escape.

Flashes of June 2023 torment me.  I saw a positive home pregnancy test, and my heart raced with fear.  The alleged father knew I wasn’t on the pill and that I didn’t want to have sex, although he wanted to, which he later on admitted in his deposition.  I headed straight to an urgent care facility to confirm it, which it did. I told the father, and he insisted on another test, one he bought himself, and watched me take it. It’s positive, but as he said in his deposition, “It was a pregnancy test for people who don’t lie about being pregnant.”

My world was spinning. For weeks, I was paralyzed with fear because his stance on fatherhood changed daily. He demanded an abortion, then considered adoption, then debated taking full custody himself—but never joint custody as I hoped.  In July, I shelled out a $5,000 retainer to hire an attorney just to act as a go-between because he refuses to communicate directly. The retainer vanished quickly, and on August 1st, I realized I had no choice but to file a paternity case.

My goal was just to figure out a parenting plan, not to get money. How many of you, after all that, would have believed you were pregnant? Wouldn’t you think that was enough to justify that it was filed “in good faith”? Arizona’s ARS 25-806 explicitly allows a paternity case to be initiated during pregnancy to address custody and support issues ahead of time. The law recognizes that the intent to secure a parenting plan and ensure the welfare of a child begins the moment a pregnancy is confirmed, regardless of its outcome.

I made multiple appointments with obstetricians, even sent my epilepsy records to a high-risk practice to get established. I invited him to an ultrasound appointment, but he refused, convinced I would hire an actor to play the doctor. Not kidding. Feeling isolated and desperate, I canceled the appointments. Later, after concerns about a miscarriage, I got a blood test confirming the pregnancy. Yet today, nearly a year after I filed it and months after losing the pregnancy, the alleged father and the cult think I should be sanctioned and pay attorney’s fees for filing a paternity case.

Should a woman be punished every time she is wrong about paternity but genuinely believes she is right and drags a man into court, only to have the case dismissed? Should she be sanctioned by the court for literally trying to do the right thing by the child? What kind of precedent does that set? Especially in my case, where there are confirmed urine and blood tests, obtained via a HIPAA release given to the other side, proving my pregnancy?

Sanctioning a woman in such a scenario sets a dangerous precedent. It discourages women from seeking legal recourse to ensure the welfare of their unborn children, out of fear of being penalized for an honest mistake or a tragic outcome like a miscarriage. In my situation, everything I did was in compliance with the law and driven by genuine concern for my childrens’ welfare. Filing under ARS 25-806 was entirely appropriate and done in good faith. The law is meant to protect and serve justice, not be manipulated to further victimize those who are already suffering.

I feel bitterness gnawing at me, and I try to shake it off as I consider having breakfast. I should eat; after all, I lost forty pounds in four months between the miscarriage and the stress. But the anxiety is a constant presence, a tightness in my chest that won’t go away. The food sits untouched. The creepy voicemails, the death threats, play on a loop in my mind. They’ve targeted my family too, trying to break me from every angle. Fear is a shadow that never leaves.

Sitting at my computer, I check my email, hoping for a reprieve. Instead, I find more hate. “You deserve everything that’s happening to you,” says another. The harassment is relentless, and I can’t escape it. “Why don’t you just admit you’re lying?” one email demands.

Yes, I have lied before. I’m not proud of it. I’ve made mistakes that haunt me, that I deeply regret. But those mistakes don’t define me. I know who I am, and I know my heart. Despite what they say, despite the avalanche of hateful comments and relentless accusations, I am not the monster they paint me to be. And here’s the thing: I have never lied about being pregnant. I have never lied about being abused. Isn’t that what this is all about?  Just because I didn’t actively seek medical care during my pregnancy doesn’t mean I wasn’t pregnant. I was lost, confused, and scared. I didn’t know what to do.

The cult has scrutinized every aspect of my life, leaving no stone unturned. They’ve dug up old high school newspapers to discredit a Lisfranc’s Fracture Dislocation I suffered. They’ve analyzed the deed on my parents’ house and on one I recently bought, the financing we obtained, and feel entitled to my medical records. They know where I’ve spent my weekends.  They know what kind of sandwich I eat, and they even make fun of my order.  They contact business acquaintances and friends to try to promote “Justice for Clayton”.  Nothing is off-limits. Their obsession is all-consuming, and they act as if their mission is to unearth every aspect of my life and turn it into a weapon against me.

They act as though I’ve never worked a day in my life. They spread the lie that I am given a large allowance by my father yearly. As if. The truth is, I’ve worked hard my entire life. I’ve built multiple businesses, made my own money, and stood on my own two feet. But they ignore that. They paint me as a spoiled, lazy fraud, living off my father’s money. They’ll claim that’s not true as soon as this piece is out. They’ll flood their Discord channels and Reddit threads with accusations, calling me a liar once again. They’ll say I’m making it all up, that I’m just trying to garner sympathy.

Lunchtime comes and goes. The anxiety is too overwhelming.  My mind flashes to one of the few things I’m still proud of: my TEDx Talk, the one they’re obsessed with getting taken down. In my talk, I shared a story about a stranger on a plane who handed me a letter, telling me I was being abused based on what she overheard my ex telling me. That letter was a lifeline, a moment of clarity that helped me see my situation for what it was. The woman who wrote the letter even provided a declaration for my restraining order hearing against my abuser. After six years of communicating, we finally met in person last year.  But the skeptics couldn’t accept this. They hired a handwriting analyst to compare the letter to my handwriting, convinced that I had fabricated the entire story. They accused me of hiring an actress to play the part of the kind stranger. Nothing can be real for them.

The man who the Good Samaritan saw was abusing me, along with two others I have restraining orders against, are now disturbingly labeled as “my victims.” They argue that I’ve somehow manipulated the entire justice system, bamboozled the judges, and weaved an elaborate web of lies to paint myself as the wronged party. They refuse to believe my story could be true, as if they have a monopoly on my reality.

I developed epilepsy from the repeated trauma at the hands of that ex-boyfriend and was one of only 650 people accepted into the Barrow Neurological Institute’s Domestic Violence Brain Injury Program. This program is designed for those whose lives have been shattered by abuse, their bodies and minds bearing the scars of the violence inflicted upon them. And yet, in their twisted narrative, I am the manipulator, the one who has somehow orchestrated this grand deception.

Were they there when I was suffocated with a pillow until the world around me faded to black? When I was choked so violently that I genuinely believed I would never take another breath? Were they present for the countless nights of terror, the moments when I felt utterly powerless and alone, but didn’t have the courage to leave?

They weren’t there when I was gasping for air, resigned to the fact that I might die, and hating myself so much that I didn’t care if he killed me. They weren’t there when I was suffocating under the weight of a pillow, slipping into unconsciousness. They didn’t witness the terror in my eyes, the desperation in my heart. They speak with such certainty, as if they have seen into the darkest corners of my life, yet they know nothing of my reality.

How do they claim to know these things didn’t happen? How can they sit behind their screens and call this man MY “victim”? The sheer cruelty and absurdity of their accusations turn my life into an unending nightmare. Every day, I am bombarded with their relentless hate, their determination to discredit and destroy me. They act as if their words are facts, as if their belief can rewrite my history and erase my pain.

They have convinced me that I am an unproductive person, and with that in mind, I take a nap.  As I do throughout the day, I think about my miscarriage.  As horrible as the bullying has been, nothing compares to the overwhelming sadness I feel about it.  But not a single person outside of my immediate circle has said they were sorry about it.

I wake up, not feeling refreshed.  My resolve is wearing thin. My attorney calls, offering support. He’s been my rock through this nightmare, but even he can’t shield me from the constant barrage. We discuss our next legal moves, but I know every step will be met with more attacks. They twist our intentions, rally their followers, and keep the pressure on. It’s brutal. It’s exhausting.

My lawyer and I need to focus on the order of protection I got against him, which he wants reversed, and the injunction against harassment that he got against me, which he wants attorney’s fees for.  It’s preposterous.

I shake my head thinking about the injunction against harassment.  He wrote in his petition that I sent him 100 emails and texts in four months.  By the time we got to the hearing, that number had inexplicably ballooned to 500. No proof, no documentation, just his word against mine. I recall my attorney arguing that there was no evidence, no concrete proof of this escalation.  But the judge just took his word for it, no questions asked. The look of smug satisfaction on his face as he delivered his inflated accusations is etched into my memory.

The public has jumped on that 500 figure, despite the complete lack of proof. To them, it was a damning piece of evidence that painted me as unhinged. The number took on a life of its own, repeated and amplified until it became an unquestioned truth. My denials, my evidence to the contrary, were drowned out by the sheer volume of their voices.

Meanwhile, the order of protection I secured against him was based on clear, documented harassment. He posted things that incited his followers to harass me, and it was explicitly written in the order. But somehow, that became twisted. His side argued that I fraudulently filed a sonogram to obtain the order, and that was the basis for it.  That couldn’t be further from the truth, and anyone who listens to the hearing, which the cult obtains, will see how many grounds it was granted on, with none of those being based on an ultrasound.  I want to defend myself, but there’s no point to it.  This is a script that I have no control over, where the ending is predetermined, and nothing I can say or do will change it.

I want to do something meaningful with the waning hours in the day, but why should I when they will do everything in their power to halt every forward step I take? Literally every detail of my life has been meticulously combed through, searching for any possible way to discredit me. My businesses, my livelihood, everything I’ve built, is under constant attack. They’ve questioned my permits and licenses, trying to find any flaw they can exploit. Even the zoning department was contacted about renovations to my horse facilities that were completed years ago, attempting to stir up trouble, but despite a visit from them, the cult didn’t have success.

Of course, more “victims” came forward—people who had bad interactions with me. Anyone would have “victims” if phrased that way. The contractor I sued and won against, or the landlord I called noise complaints on during the pandemic for co-hosting parties at my old apartment building. They’ve recruited anyone who might have had a negative interaction with me to “come forward”.  Every disagreement, every conflict, has been twisted into evidence of my supposed villainy. Every interaction is scrutinized, every mistake magnified, every flaw exploited.

In regards to the Injunction Against Harassment that he got against me, he claimed in his initial petition that I sent him 100 emails and texts in four months. Then, when we got to the hearing, with no justification or proof, he said that I had sent 500 and the judge took his word for it. Meanwhile, the order of protection I have against him is entirely because he posted things that incited his followers to harass me—that’s exactly how the thing is written. Yet his side claims that I fraudulently filed a sonogram and that was the basis of it. As if.

Maybe nothing bothers me more than what has been said about me on YouTube, Patreon, and in podcasts.  One content creator in particular has made hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of content about me every day, turning my life into a living hell.  He’s making a fortune off of these monetized videos while my income has been dwindling.  I turn on one of his videos, knowing I should be working, but why should I even bother?

I’m not a murderer; I’m a 34-year-old woman who has been pregnant four times, had two miscarriages and two abortions. Why is this so hard to believe? Why are they obsessed with making sure the entire city – no, the entire world – never comes into contact with me, making me undateable?

“She’s making a mockery of true abuse survivors,” they write. “JD’s actions discredit real victims everywhere.” “How dare she claim to be a victim when she’s the real abuser?” Each accusation, each hateful comment, is a dagger to my soul. The people who claim to seek justice are the very ones who perpetuate my suffering. They are relentless, and their hatred is a constant presence in my life. They have turned my struggle for survival into a spectacle, feeding off my pain and using it to fuel their own agendas.

As evening approaches, I try to find some peace. I order dinner, but the food tastes like ash in my mouth. I push the plate away, too anxious to eat. I check my phone one last time before bed, hoping for some supportive messages. There are a few, but the majority are filled with hate. They know how close I’ve come to breaking, how their words have pushed me to the brink. They know, and yet they don’t stop. They revel in my pain, in the power they have to make me suffer. It’s like they’re feeding on my misery, growing stronger with every tear I shed, every moment of despair they cause.

I shudder as I think about a more recent development. My private emails to the alleged father and 2,500 pages of texts with the abusive boyfriend who strangled me have been disseminated, dissected, and critiqued by strangers. Who would want all their messages to be public? Would anyone be proud of every single text they’ve ever sent? The intimate, painful, and ugly details of my life are now fodder for public consumption, used to shame and belittle me further. It’s a violation that adds insult to injury, compounding the trauma of my past with the scrutiny of the present.

I’ve tried not to cry all day, but I can’t hold back the tears anymore.  I wonder why they are so obsessed with ruining my public image entirely. I want to leave a legacy that leaves an impact on the world. I want to leave it better than I found it. But this relentless harassment has made me so self-centered. Why would anyone I want to help care to associate with me, let alone speak to me, if this is who I appear to be when they look me up? I’m scared that no one will ever see the real me, the person who wants to help, to inspire, to leave a positive impact.

I know this piece will only serve as additional fodder for the Justice for Clayton “cult”.  Obsessed content creators will make monetized videos dissecting my words, mocking my pain, making fun of my looks, and stripping me of my humanity. They’ll read my story, criticize every sentence, and use it to fuel their hateful narratives. But I need to speak. I need to reclaim my voice, if only for a moment, even if it means giving them more ammunition to attack me with.  I need to feel like my existence still matters.

What is their end goal? Why do they get an adrenaline rush from trying to break someone who they know has been suicidal? Why do they feel like this is a good community to be a part of? I lie there, staring into the darkness, feeling the weight of their hatred pressing down on me. The anxiety, the fear, the exhaustion – it all crashes over me like a wave, threatening to pull me under. But I hold on, because I have to. Because I can’t let them win, not today at least. I can last another 24 hours.  But I’m terrified that one day, their words will be the final push that sends me over the edge. They won’t stop until they have broken me completely, until there is nothing left. They won’t stop until I’m dead.

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  1. Sarah

    How dare you continue to co-opt the language and experiences of women who have actually had miscarriages? How fucking dare you? Stealing other women’s ultrasounds wasn’t enough?

    1. Becky

      The only twins in this case is internet lawyer & client.
      She lies about so much & you swear to it.
      This has got to be the most insane ( no pun intended, but if the shoe fits…) case ever.

      1. David Gingras

        The good news is we’ve got just over one week left, then you guys can move on (I know I will).

        1. Trish

          Oh no, I seriously doubt that. You and her will likely appeal and you have more people to sue so you said.

        2. Can't wait!

          Promise??? 😉

        3. Dingas Esquire


        4. Jill

          Well, you think you will but Laura Owens isn’t good at letting go. I think we’ll see a bar complaint over your behavior whilst handling her case, even if she’s encouraged your Twitter and blog rants and threats, and likely a lawsuit for legal malpractice incoming… All the best!

        5. ONlyLoVeHere

          David, I agree, everyone, like you, will move on – to opine on the next persons unfortunate event(s).

          Sincerely, best wishes to your client living her BEST LIFE after this.

    2. Paul Doe

      What do you think is fair punishment to such a person, and to the person who represents her legal interests? Personally I think attacks against family members is going too far.

  2. BrattyParalegal

    It’s so hard to believe the things she says about her ‘abusers’ when there’s authenticated information of her lying about having cancer- we can all agree that lying about cancer, rape, and pregnancy is reprehensible., and casts doubt on every statement she makes. I wouldn’t criticize her not going to doctor – but she testified under oath she went to the doctor last week. She’s fabricated so many things – but wants the public to believe her.

    It’s hard to believe you were pregnant Laura, when you spent so much time faking records to convince the public and media that you were pregnant.

    I know she’s unhappy that this story is in the press, had she never contacted the Sun – it wouldn’t have been.

    I hope she can surround herself with people who’ve never heard of her stories., or can forgive her for them if they have.

    1. Disappointed Reader

      She is so concerned about women feeling too scared to ask for a parenting plan but all of her falsities is what makes people untrusting.

      1. ATX K

        Right? How does she not see this??

      2. Eleanor

        It’s silly too because most reasonable woman would prioritize the actual health of their unborn child(ren) by getting routine OB care over a hypothetical parenting plan 9 months into the future. It’s such a dumb argument but we know she’s grasping for straws at this point.

    2. Momo

      Yes to all of this above. I don’t particularly like Clayton. He’s probably one of the worst Bachelors there has been. I’m interested in this because as a mother of 2 sons, I’ll have to tell my sons to watch out for women like this. Also, my dad has Parkinson’s and is currently hospitalized. I believe her dad has Parkinson’s and hasn’t been well? AI am an only child and while this is going on, my mom has been in radiation for Multiple Myeloma. I am focusing on THEM, not me. I have kids, a husband and a full time job. It seems like the focus in her family is always HER.

      Laura: for me it’s the sketchy timeline and the fact that no medically sound evidence has been sent from a real doctor directly to the lawyers or the court (that we have seen) that show you were really pregnant. I still have things I could access or my doctors could easily access from almost 17 years ago when my oldest was born. Electronic medical records are a great thing. You should easily have access to all of these things to prove your detractors wrong. Why can’t you just show those- not even to us but to the court. Have them sent directly to the judge or both lawyers from the doctor’s office. If not electronically, the offices should be able to deliver by certified messenger so chain of custody isn’t broken. With what we have seen (all the proven fake documents and photoshopping) it’s very hard to believe anything from you is real.
      I personally do not wish you harm and would like you to get whatever help you need. There are patterns you have that need to be broken if you hope to have a solid relationship someday. I do think this is a wake up call to the courts that paternity cases should to not be able to be filed until a paternity test is completed and verified or until children are born. May this be a lesson to EVERYONE to be choosy about who you get intimate with.

    3. All The Best

      Laura is a malignant narc who emotionally terrorizes men to keep them entangled with her. She is sticking to her lies like a typical manipulative lunatic playing the victim. Google ‘DARVO.’ ‘DARVO (an acronym for: deny, attack, and reverse victim & offender) is a reaction that perpetrators of wrongdoing, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior.[1] Some researchers indicate that it is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers.’ Laura, you need psychological help girl. You’ve destroyed these men’s mental health. You’re the abuser.

  3. Flabber

    Thanks for inviting all of us to your pity party; I unfortunately won’t be able to make it because I wasn’t born yesterday.

    You did this to yourself, but it’s never too late to tell the truth. All the best.

  4. Disappointed Reader

    Man I sure was hopeful for some accountability but Laura, you threatened to expose Clayton to the media to ruin his reputation. YOU are the one who made this public. Please show us all where Clayton told his followers to harass you because I only recall him saying NOT to? You also failed to mention why you decided to fake a sonogram. Why you decided to manipulate HCG results? Why a parenting plan was so important but seeking OBGYN care wasn’t? How did your belly grow so large when mere days before it is completely flat while riding? How did it grow so big if the twins miscarried so early? How did you know you had twins? You left a lot of unanswered questions that makes it hard for anyone to get behind you. You’d have the Justice for Claytons support if you took ownership, admit what lies you told, and apologize. THAT we could get behind.

  5. Emma James

    I’d like to respond to this paragraph Laura wrote in the blog above specifically:

    “Meanwhile, the order of protection I secured against him was based on clear, documented harassment. He posted things that incited his followers to harass me, and it was explicitly written in the order. But somehow, that became twisted. His side argued that I fraudulently filed a sonogram to obtain the order, and that was the basis for it. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and anyone who listens to the hearing, which the cult obtains, will see how many grounds it was granted on, with none of those being based on an ultrasound. I want to defend myself, but there’s no point to it. This is a script that I have no control over, where the ending is predetermined, and nothing I can say or do will change it.”

    If Laura is referring to the Halloween Costume as a part of that “clear, documented harassment,” it has been proven that a Reddit user – u/TheOneAndOnlyJenn has come forward and said she was the one who created it. Jenn is not Clayton, and that can be easily proven.

    Jenn got that photo from the video Laura posted to a public Dropbox account on Reddit. Even though Laura said in the Order of Protection that she only sent that photo/video to Clayton and to Page 6, she had also posted it in a public dropbox, which Laura failed to mention at the Order of Protection Hearing.

    Additionally, Laura sent the 20+ week sonogram to Clayton, as she stated 5+ times during the hearing. This is the sonogram that was used on the Halloween Costume.

    Laura did not mention she also sent the sonogram to Dave Neal. In the Order of Protection Hearing, Laura said – under oath – that she had only sent it to Clayton.

    Anyone can watch the Order of Protection Hearing here on this public video and see what I have said in the 3 paragraphs above is true::


    There’s a partial transcript of the Order of Protection Hearing below as well.

    This transcript highlights how Laura said 5+ times that she had sent the sonogram photo – the one with a profile of a baby that was at least 20+ weeks – to Clayton:


    Specially, these quotes by Laura from the Order of Protection Hearing are extremely important:

    Laura, referencing a 20+ week sonogram shown in the costume:
    “It’s me, uh, uh, holding a sonogram of, of our son.”

    Laura, talking about why she sent the 20+ week sonogram to Clayton:
    “This is actually a sonographic image that I sent to Clayton because I was concerned about the baby’s profile”

    Laura, again talking about why she sent the 20+ week sonogram to Clayton:

    Laura: “I sent him an email with that exact sonographic image ‘cause the profile was distinct, it doesn’t look like the baby even has, like, a nose in it, and that’s why I, I sent it to him, within hours, um, I, within hours before that, nobody else had that, because I was concerned about a genetic defect and I would not have sent that to anybody, that’s 100% the same image.”


    Because David Gringas has often said that context is important – and because he has indicated on Twitter that he has never watched the Order of Protection hearing (as of May 25, 2024: https://x.com/hollis32635/status/1794488401548431696), I have included the relevant transcript context below.

    I look forward to hearing more on June 10 from Laura about when and where she received this sonogram at 20+ weeks.


    The transcript begins at 13:41:

    LAURA: This had an image, so um, Exhibit 11, um, is, uh, a screen grab of a Reddit Thread saying “How to win the Scariest Costume Contest,” and it’s me, turned showing my stomach, and it’s me, uh, uh, holding a sonogram of, of our son that only he had possession of so he clearly made this of me, which, obviously, was offensive.

    LAURA’s LAWYER: So in Exhibit, uh, 11, our Exhibit 11, that is a picture that you had sent to Mr. Echard – you did not send that to anyone else, or did you?

    LAURA: Um, this was sent to somebody in the press that they weren’t supposed to have published it, but the sonogram that I’m supposedly holding, was, um, that was not sent to anyone else other than him.

    LAURA’S LAWYER: Ok. So, was he the only one that would have been able to post that?

    LAURA: Yes, he was.

    LAURA’s LAWYER: Your Honor, Um, exhibit 11, I’d like to admit into evidence

    JUDGE: (Inaudible)

    CLAYTON: That’s the one with the picture, right there? (inaudible)

    JUDGE: Ok, thank you, Exhibit 11 (inaudible)

    LAURA’s LAWYER: Ok, uh, moving forward, let’s talk about…(interrupted by LAURA)

    JUDGE: So tell me what channel, uh, um, how, how was, did this happen in connection to her, or, besides her image, her face is not shown, so, does this identify her in any way?

    LAURA: Um, So it does, because, of his image, people on Reddit, there have just been thousands of have posted on this about me, and this was just another post about me that I have been identified on on Reddit, and this image was shown, somebody had gotten this image on Reddit – it was was my face they just took it out, for this, for the purpose of this post. they just took it out my face for the purpose of this…

    PART 2 – The transcript starts at hour 1:03:18:

    JUDGE: I want to ask, uh, the – the defendant – did you send that image of, or did you post that image of, um, the Plaintiff, on, on the internet? It’s Exhibit 11.

    CLAYTON: No, I did not.

    JUDGE: But it says that this post was, um, posted by “TheOneAndOnlyJenn,” uh, do you know who that person is?

    CLAYTON: I do not.

    JUDGE: And it was taken down by the moderators of Our Bachelor Nation, is that the program that you were on, the Bachelor program?

    CLAYTON: I was on ABC The Bachelor, yes

    JUDGE: Ok

    LAURA’S LAWYER: And your honor, uh, if you’re just… addressing Exhibit 11 it has to do with the sonogram …

    LAURA: … Yeah, ‘cuz only he was sent that sonogram, that sonogram image, there was nobody else who had it so it had to be him because it was within hours of when I sent it to him.

    JUDGE: Exhibit 11’s not a sonogram

    LAURA: Exhibit 11 has a sonogram that, that the costume, it has one that I’m supposedly holding if you look at my hands

    JUDGE Oh

    LAURA: It has a sonogram that only he had that’s why I know it was him posting it

    JUDGE: But your lawyer argued that it was something that looks the same… It’s so small that I can’t.. (muttering) well maybe I can…

    LAURA: Um, it wasn’t the video that looks the same, this is actually a sonographic image that I sent to Clayton because I was concerned about the baby’s profile and that’s why I also found it really offensive that he would…

    JUDGE: How do you know that this is the sonogram that you sent him though?

    LAURA: Um, I have, I have evidence that I sent him that sonogram; he – he knows I sent him that sonogram and I have it in an email

    JUDGE: Yeah, but, how do you know that this is the sonogram that you sent him? I’m looking..

    (JUDGE and LAURA start talking over each other and a few words are inaudible.)

    (At the exact same time, they both say):

    LAURA: Oh, because it’s exactly the same… JUDGE: I’m looking at the one, The on the image that is in Exhibit….

    JUDGE: The one that is in Exhibit 11, how do you know that that’s the sonogram, that, that you sent him?

    LAURA: Um, because I sent him an email with that exact sonographic image ‘cause the profile was distinct, it doesn’t look like the baby even has, like, a nose in it, and that’s why I, I sent it to him, within hours, um, I, within hours before that, nobody else had that, because I was concerned about a genetic defect and I would not have sent that to anybody, that’s 100% the same image.

    PART 3 – The transcript begins at 1:19:50

    JUDGE: I am going to find that the Plaintiff has met her burden.

    One of the predicate offenses here, uh, is eras 13-14 25 which is unlawful disclosure of images, uh, it’s its – the statute is really targeted towards people who send pictures of one another ————– and then they publish that kind of thing,

    but then there’s also, uh, uh, under eras 13-14.25 uh, it’s the photo is such that it captures the person, the depicted person, who has a reasonable expectation of privacy, that’s the first sentence, the second sentence: Evidence that a person has sent an image to another person using an electronic device does not on its own remove the person’s reasonable expectation of privacy and for that image,

    and so you know, I’m looking at the context of this, there was a dispute to not only whether she was pregnant with your child but also whether she was pregnant at all, and she sent this image to you saying this was her, she’s testified that that is her image, um, and, that, uh you know that has not been disputed, and, so she said you’re the only person that she sent it to,

    I realize that it’s possible that she sent it to somebody else who published it, that’s true, but she denies that, and then I have to decide, but would she really want to do that?

    Because it’s not the most flattering picture, obviously when a person is pregnant their bodies have changes, and it’s not something that I think that anyone would want to share, I mean, once in a while I see it on TV or something, but it’s something that I don’t believe she would have wanted to share,

    and this depiction not only showed her, but it was poking fun at her, and it does seem to suggest that you had a connection with it, because, it does say, somehow, it connect her to this picture, because somehow, it’s connected to the Bachelor website, I saw that,

    and also, it’s this idea of uh, she’ll holding uh uh, a “fake” (air quotes gesture with hands ) sonogram, see, I have to move the statute out of the way and look at the image again, something like making fun of the sonogram, saying, you know, this is all, not true, um, … “real”* (air quotes gesture with hands) sonogram, you know, unbrushed wig, but the hair is similar, I guess, to the hair that she has, um,

    so I am going to find that posting of that image, publicizing that image, triggered the order of, the uh order of pro.. the order of prot… the domestic violence statute 13.36.01 the cite to era 14.25 and I am going to find that that statute applies, and that is the reason I am affirming, and, oh…

    PART 4: The transcript begins at 1:27:45

    JUDGE: The way you um published this photo, which is what I have found. I know that you’ve denied it, but um I’m finding that there’s really no other accounting for it, except if she posted it and I don’t think a woman would have done that in a situation like this. Any person wouldn’t have done that…

    If I, If I before I went on a diet and I took a picture and sent it to somebody, I wouldn’t want that picture, it’s unflattering. I wouldn’t want it. Yes, it’s focused on a woman here, but this is something that most humans don’t want have unflattering pictures of themselves posted all over the Internet. And so that’s that’s my reason for making my decision.


    And finally, here are some tweets from David Gringas about the sonogram, the Order of Protection, and the Halloween Costume:

    DAVID GRINGAS TWEET 1/3: Context is so important. I agree that in the OOPP hearing, Jane said the Halloween thing included a “sonogram of our son.” You’re assuming she meant “this is an actual sonogram of my body, that I had done somewhere.” Knowing Jane, I don’t believe that is what she meant. Instead….

    DAVID GRINGAS TWEET 2/3:… I think she was describing what the person who made the Halloween thing was trying to SUGGEST about the image. They were making a joke out of Jane’s body, and a NON-REAL “sonogram of our son.” She’s trying to explain the creator was parodying her and the “baby” in the image.

    DAVID GRINGAS TWEET 3/3:… In other words, she was just saying “The person who made this was trying to show MY body and OUR BABY” as if both actually appeared on a real Halloween costume package. But the package wasn’t real, and neither was that sonogram. That’s what I interpret her as meaning.

    – – – –

    David’s Tweets Re: The existence of the 20+ week sonogram and the sonogram discussion in court:

    DAVID GRINGAS TWEET: According to Jane, she NEVER: A) had a 20-week sonogram, and B) sent a 20-week sonogram to Clayton. Show me the evidence that proves this wrong. Plz. https://twitter.com/DavidSGingras/status/1794154616390844609

    DAVID GRINGAS TWEET: The Sonogram was not “central” to the OOP. Per Jane (I wasn’t there) it wasn’t even mentioned in court. The OOP was based on the fake Halloween Costume thing, NOT the sonogram.


    I look forward to hearing more about the 20+ week sonogram in court on June 10. Where did Laura get the sonogram? How did she get a profile of a baby that was 20+ weeks if she had miscarried months before?

    Finally, please notice there is no hatred or vitriol towards Laura in this comment. I am only stating facts in light of publicly available court documents and videos & provable facts, and asking reasonable questions in light of the inconsistencies.

  6. @JustHearMeOut_YT

    “Hated in the Nation” was about CANCEL CULTURE, and the overeaction of public over people being unpopular for things they said. Nothing to do with your story.

    I was NOT about people asking questions about an active trial, where the person who caused the action, and her lawyer, CANNOT STOP. Thankfully, we will have it decided legally by a Judge, and then you will have to stop this nonsense.

  7. Bailey

    Her statements about the Order of Protection Hearing are verifiably false. If you watch the hearing, David, you will see that what she says above simply is not true.

    When are we going to hear about where Laura got her 20+ week ultrasound that she sent to Clayton? She said in the OOP hearing at least 5 times that she had sent it to Clayton and Clayton alone. (This was also false, since she had also sent it to Dave Neal.)

    Where did she get that 20+ week sonogram?

  8. Miscarried in July

    Real quotes from Laura Owens during the Order of Protection hearing about her 20+ week sonogram that she sent to Clayton:


    Laura, referencing a 20+ week sonogram shown in the costume:
    “It’s me, uh, uh, holding a sonogram of, of our son.”

    Laura, talking about why she sent the 20+ week sonogram to Clayton:
    “This is actually a sonographic image that I sent to Clayton because I was concerned about the baby’s profile”

    Laura, again talking about why she sent the 20+ week sonogram to Clayton:

    Laura: “I sent him an email with that exact sonographic image ‘cause the profile was distinct, it doesn’t look like the baby even has, like, a nose in it, and that’s why I, I sent it to him, within hours, um, I, within hours before that, nobody else had that, because I was concerned about a genetic defect and I would not have sent that to anybody, that’s 100% the same image.”


    Where and when did she get this 20+ week sonogram?

  9. Jessica

    I’d like to respond to this paragraph Laura wrote in the blog above specifically:

    “Meanwhile, the order of protection I secured against him was based on clear, documented harassment. He posted things that incited his followers to harass me, and it was explicitly written in the order. But somehow, that became twisted. His side argued that I fraudulently filed a sonogram to obtain the order, and that was the basis for it. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and anyone who listens to the hearing, which the cult obtains, will see how many grounds it was granted on, with none of those being based on an ultrasound. I want to defend myself, but there’s no point to it. This is a script that I have no control over, where the ending is predetermined, and nothing I can say or do will change it.”

    If Laura is referring to the Halloween Costume as a part of that “clear, documented harassment,” it has been proven that a Reddit user – u/TheOneAndOnlyJenn has come forward and said she was the one who created it. Jenn is not Clayton, and that can be easily proven.

    Jenn got that photo from the video Laura posted to a public Dropbox account on Reddit. Even though Laura said in the Order of Protection that she only sent that photo/video to Clayton and to Page 6, she had also posted it in a public dropbox, which Laura failed to mention at the Order of Protection Hearing.

    Additionally, Laura sent the 20+ week sonogram to Clayton, as she stated 5+ times during the hearing. This is the sonogram that was used on the Halloween Costume.

    Laura did not mention she also sent the sonogram to Dave Neal. In the Order of Protection Hearing, Laura said – under oath – that she had only sent it to Clayton.

    Anyone can watch the Order of Protection Hearing here on this public video and see what I have said in the 3 paragraphs above is true:


  10. Emma

    Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus is a Latin maxim meaning “false in one thing, false in everything”. At common law, it is the legal principle that a witness who falsely testifies about one matter is not credible to testify about any matter.

    The simple fix is to show verifiable evidence. Do it, Laura. I’ll root for you.

  11. Rebecca Cobb

    Laura, you not only emailed Clayton, you emailed his family (at their place of work), his employers (he lost speaking engagements), and emailed many news outlets while making a public Dropbox with all of your side of the story.

    Truly I feel bad for you and don’t believe you are beyond redemption. But the hard truth is that s woman who is willing to go to court for a parenting plan and fabricate a sonogram or HCG test is also incredibly willing to get regular ongoing care.

    I hope you experience the freedom found only through owning up to your actions and committing to being better. It sounds like you have a lawyer who would do his very best to minimize damage for you if you tell the truth.

    He will get paid either way but you will only heal by coming clean.

  12. JuStWhY

    But I hold on, because I have to. Because I can’t let them win, not today at least. I can last another 24 hours. But I’m terrified that one day, their words will be the final push that sends me over the edge. They won’t stop until they have broken me completely, until there is nothing left. They won’t stop until I’m dead.

    People are just looking for the truth. AND I would like to remind her, she made THIS MESS (going to the Sun etc. ms.( “Anonymous Lady”) So no backing down now (and NO ONE wants her dead so STOP!!!) If she’s been right all this time, she’s has nothing to lose in court, justice will prevail her favor., right? in court on the 10th of june She will be able to prove EVERBODY else lied and falsified documents in her name. No worries, it’s all good! She’ll be able to move on and dupe another guy soon. Clearly from this post that’s all she wants…

  13. Kay Wood

    I am very sorry Laura feels this way. I will be her friend. I do not wish to ask about, or discuss this case (or any other). She needs to know she is not alone, and there is someone in world who is genuinely interested in being there for her.

    1. A Lifeline

      Sadly, Kay, you would not be her friend. Narcissists will drop a pen on the ground and wait to see who will pick up that pen. The kind, generous, caring, and thoughtful soul, who picks up that pen is not their friend, they’re their next victim. Laura has not addressed her wrongdoing and is in denial. Not to say you couldn’t be friendly to her, but you have made yourself her next mark in your comment, here. Because this post is a ploy. It is a manipulation tactic of a very skilled person, who is actually quite dangerous. I have worked in the criminal justice system, and I am a survivor of some very dangerous people and situations. You have walked straight into the snare. Turn around and run the other way. Don’t walk; run. Don’t look back.

      1. Kay

        Consider me running, setting a speed record that is worth of an Olympic Gold Medal!!

    2. ATX - K

      Kay, I also feel badly for her and I have compassion,(I do feel she needs a big ol’ hug) but I just couldn’t trust LO. This is so sad and ONLY LO can fix this by coming clean and she won’t. SO SAD. =(

      1. Kay

        I am so sorry for her. I just want her to have a friendly voice to listen. I don’t want her to feel this bad. I don’t want fame or fortune. Maybe we can sew a quilt or something. Just anything to get her mind off of this. Hopefully, she will be able to do a Ted X talk about this experience and her struggles. Maybe it will be inspiring to talk about how the harder you hit the ground, the higher you will go. Like a bouncy ball maybe? Just don’t let her be so alone and scared.

        1. ATX K

          I’m thinking there is a fine line between comforting and enabling. Right?

    3. Trisha

      Well, you’re as good as the company you keep! You must be a glutton for punishment. She is a horrible entitled human with zero accountability who absolutely will continue to ruin people’s lives when she doesn’t get her way. She’s been absolutely caught in so many lies and just continues lying. You’d have to be an idiot to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She is absolutely DIABOLICAL! It’s not simply a mistake anymore.. it’s 1000% intentional! She claimed Mike M was the cause of her epilepsy during the Ted X talk but in texts to him says she had her first seizure and it will be great for her lawsuit against UBER! She has zero qualms about falsifying court documents, lying under oath, lying to EVERYONE while trying to destroy men’s lives because they don’t want to date her! You can’t make this stuff up! The fact that her and her attorney keep releasing statements and evidence has only HURT them! They will lose, but she will continue on but at least if someone googles her they will know. This chick doesn’t need friends, she needs professional help and her parents are partially to blame for being complicit and allowing this behavior! She knows exactly what she’s doing, and Gingras is here for nothing more than the attention. Maybe those rows should ride off together in the sunset, because they deserve each other. And yes, I pray Mike and All the victims get their Justice because YOU Laura Owens, need to be stopped! Your own father said in his letter to Mike that you LIE!

  14. Danielle D

    Reminder to you, Laura, because I believe you may have actually convinced yourself you’re the victim here: you went to the tabloids. You brought this to the public. You are the official recruiter for those involved in this case. You chose to make this public to punish Clayton, but you got punished. Don’t rewrite the past trying to say you were only interested in your ”children’s” welfare, that’s clearly not the case.

  15. JG

    Laura – as unpopular as I might be with this statement, I feel your pain. Your words hit hard – as someone who has lived with depression and anxiety most of her life. On a human level, I am sending you a great big hug and hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I do agree with others, who are following this case, that it is difficult to believe any “evidence “ you put forward as there have been a few too many “misstatements “ along the way. Based on your post above, you state that you have provided HCG and blood test results to prove your pregnancy…neither of which prove that you were pregnant with twins. How did you deduct this “fact”? I have so many questions however, I am waiting for the day in court as I am sure I do not have all of the information. Either way, I truly hope that you have learned from the mistakes you have made along the way and get the help you need to move on with your life. All the best…sincerely.

  16. JD is a Lying Liar that LIES

    “Just because I didn’t actively seek medical care during my pregnancy doesn’t mean I wasn’t pregnant.”-
    – so you lied to the court about your doctor appointments that confirmed pregnancy with twins?
    – also, if you never went to a doctor to get a sonogram, you also then lied about being pregnant with twins?

    Didnt you sue uber for your epilepsy? Do they know youre now blaming that on DV?

    1. BrattyParalegal

      She did. That file is public record too. I wonder if her allegations against mm have been forwarded to the defense attorneys in that case. Insurance fraud is a no no.

      1. JD is a Lying Liar that LIES

        Insurance fraud is definitely a major no no, hopefully they have been made aware of her public allegations against MM as that seems to exonerate Uber of being the cause of her epilepsy. Or is it the other way around, and MM can use the Uber case (and this case) to prove she is full of ****.

      2. BP

        I misspoke in my post – I only meant that she did ‘sue Uber’ a- I don’t know if epilepsy was an element, but that information can be found.

  17. Done

    I stopped reading at the part where it said everyone laughing at her. I am not laughing. I’m not angry (at her.. maybe you David because you made things worse for her), but not her. I feel sorry for her. I know what it’s like to tell a lie that snowballs into so much more than what she meant it to be. It has become so huge, so weighted that she will do anything to get out of it. However, she went to the media to try to fix things. That was a huge mistake.

    Laura, I promise you things will get better. But it won’t get better until you just admit that you lied. About EVERYTHING you lied about. Are some things truth? I can’t say. But you won’t feel true freedom until you admit, apologize and remove yourself from these situations. I know that could possibly lead to legal issues, but it what is the price to a true, stress free and happy life? Then do your best to not do this in the future. You will never be truly happy or free until you speak the REAL truth. And if, by some reason, you feel like everything you did was justified, maybe get some help. And I don’t mean this in a mean way. I’m not trying to bully you or make you feel worse.

    I don’t know any of the men involved. I’m sure they could be huge assholes. And they probably hurt you in ways that can’t easily be healed. But to “punish” them in this way because they hurt you is not healing you.

    I’m not on Clayton’s side, I’m not on your side, I believe the truth lies in the middle.

    But David.. the way you have gone about defending her is just straight wrong. You brought so much more negative attention to this case. You are the one that hurt Laura more than anyone else. You brought the majority of these haters to her doorstep. So many people were settled down just waiting for the hearing in June and then you opened up a can of words with your chest thumping, bull in a china shop methods and did way more damage than you can imagine. I hope you can own up to that and Laura, find someone else to represent you if he is going to continue this tirade.

    1. Done

      I do need to add that I don’t condone people laughing at your expense. I’ve actually stopped watching videos because I don’t think that’s funny. I think some YouTubers have gone too far in their immaturity. We aren’t all thinking like them but we do watch them to get court updates

      1. Minor Perjury

        I don’t understand people saying they don’t condone the jokes and the laughing. This is a woman that set out to destroy men who didn’t want to date her. She made disgusting false accusations that these men may never come back from. Then, she continues to try and destroy them afterwards. It’s mind boggling to think that others shouldn’t call her out. She LIED. She MANIPULATED many. Why, just why, shouldn’t others mock her for her continued stupidity as she continues to lie to cover up lies??! It’s BS! She deserves it all! If it wasn’t for those YouTubers, she would have never been caught. She would have added to the body count by destroying Clayton then moving on to the next. Bye Felicia!

        1. David Gingras

          What “disgusting false accusation” did Laura make against Clayton?

          1. NOT David Gingras

            You DID NOT just ask that! Sir, either you’re a master gaslighter, yourself, as well as manipulator, and con, or you’re just daft. That question should’ve stayed inside your head. Absolutely ridiculous. Now, I’m beginning to think that YOUR head needs to be examined, as well.

          2. Mia

            Do you really not know the facts of this case yet, after all these months??? She accused Clayton of raping her. This information miraculously surfaced for the first time in her deposition, but she never mentioned it in her OOP hearing against him. Hmmmm, why is that? I would think, to secure an Order of Protection against a man she deemed dangerous and harassing, she would include the crucial information that he raped her, no? Yet, Laura did not. What kind of person wants to coerce their rapist into a “dating contact” to date for one to two weeks “with intention?” Laura only throws out these disgusting false allegations when she is cornered and needs more ammunition against her victims, just as she did when she accused GREGG WOODNICK and Greg Gillespie of somehow orchestrating drugging and raping her in March 2022 in an ex parte email to the Judge in her case versus Gillespie. I am astonished by your apparent lack of knowledge regarding crucial details of the case you’ve been tasked to defend.

          3. David Gingras

            Look — I am aware of all these details…or at least I *think* I’m aware of everything that matters (not every detail matters in court).

            As for your comments, you may be surprised to hear this, but I PARTIALLY agree with at least some of what you’re saying….although I strongly disagree with some of the biased logic you’re applying here.

            With respect to the “rape” thing, you are WAY, WAY, WAY off-base. You are implying that Laura lied about Clayton having sex with her (without her consent), because if that story was true, why didn’t she raise it during the OOP hearing?

            If you claim to be an expert on the facts of this case, then you are either a complete liar, or a complete idiot. Here’s why — your implication is 100% wrong in two key ways.

            First, Laura NEVER “accused Clayton of rape”. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. What happened (and I know this because I have Laura’s deposition transcript) is that Woodnick was asking Laura to describe what happened on May 20th. As you all know, Clayton’s story has ALWAYS been “oral sex only”. But in her depo, Laura said Clayton’s story was false. She said she told him that she didn’t want to have sex (a fairly believable comment, given that they just me), but then she said he “stuck it in” anyway. She NEVER claimed this was rape. Instead, her comment was (to paraphrase): Clayton was REALLY high on drugs that night (something he has admitted), and according to her, Clayton BEGGED her to let him have sex — she even documented this in an email where she claims Clayton said: “Come on – let me just stick it in for 30 seconds. No? OK, how about 25 seconds? 20 seconds?” Laura claims she said NO, NO, NO, but then Clayton stuck it in anyway. After hearing this, Woodnick asked: “So you’re saying he raped you?” And in response to THAT question, Laura said (again, paraphrasing): “Well, that’s a definition.” But Laura also later signed an affidavit in which she said it is NOT her intention to accuse Clayton of “rape” (in the criminal sense). She was just answering questions about what happened….and according to her, the conduct that happened meets the technical definition of rape, but she doesn’t want Clayton to be prosecuted because, I guess, she just felt what happened wasn’t malicious. Now that leads to the second error in your analysis — why no bring this up at the OOP hearing? Answer – because it would have been 100% irrelevant. The OOP hearing was about Laura asking the court to help stop online harassment. It was NOT about asking the court to punish Clayton for rape. That sort of issue could only be raised in a criminal court, not a civil OOP hearing – because courts do NOT generally issue injunctions telling people not to commit crimes (crimes are already illegal, so you don’t need a court order to punish someone for committing a crime — they can be punished regardless of any prior order). My point is that the “rape” thing had nothing to do with the OOP hearing, so of course Laura didn’t bring it up.

            Having said all that, I DO agree that Laura should not have emailed the judge and suggested Woodnick or Gillespie had anything to do with her sexual assault. That was just not the right way to handle that, and I have told her so. If she believed there was some connection, that is a matter you report to the police and you let them handle it. But in fairness, I believe Laura was extremely traumatized by what happened, and I believe she probably wasn’t thinking clearly at the time.

          4. Mia

            Not Laura’s “intention” to accuse Clayton of rape, but she says he inserted himself inside her against her consent. Got it. You can play semantics all day long if that is your desire. Rape by definition is sexual penetration without consent, which is exactly what Laura is claiming in her deposition in answering Woodnick’s questions. She never brought any of this up before, because it didn’t happen, and it didn’t fit her victim narrative. Your client has huge credibility issues (like admitting to medical fraud) so between Clayton and Laura’s version of events, I side with the credible party and the one whose version has remained the same from day one – Clayton.

            Laura is a serial pathological liar who needs intensive mental health treatment, especially given her dangerous words in this blog. If there are people who truly care for her in her life (family, friends), they should be moving heaven and earth to ensure she receives the necessary psychological treatment that she desperately needs. I know that is what I would be doing. I am quite familiar with having a mentally unwell family member, and watching helplessly as they continue to spiral. That said, something I NEVER would do – is continue to enable and cover for their destructive behavior, especially when it crosses the line into abusing others. That is exactly what Laura Owens has done for decades. Instead of arguing with people on social media, perhaps you can best serve your client by helping her get the appropriate treatment she needs so she can stop repeating these patterns of abuse and start to rebuild her life in a positive and meaningful way. If she chose that route, she would have a community of support behind her.

          5. lemur

            you misspelled Strategy on your website and it is really bothering me.

          6. David Gingras

            Well, I didn’t build the site, but I’ll see if I can find whatever you’re looking for and fix it! Typos bother me as well.

          7. David Gingras

            FIXED. Thanks for pointing that out. Probably time for a new site refresh anyway. Maybe after summer vacation is over.

    2. Trisha

      I agree

  18. Save Laura Owens

    I hoped I would hear an ounce of accountability. I was very disappointed. Laura, pregnancy is very easy to confirm. Period! Yes a positive HCG is a start but from there you get an ultrasound to confirm a heartbeat. Had you not told two or three other boyfriend’s the same story with the same lack of evidence maybe nobody would have thought you lied. You also added a story to the positive hcg. You said it was a girl and boy twin and they were to be born on Valentine’s Day. Beautiful story but the two lines aren’t pink and blue and they don’t mean twins. Oh and that date doesn’t match up with may 20th. ( you wanted to hurt and embarrass a man who didn’t want to date you)

    Stop suing people. Especially men because now nobody will ever believe you if god forbid something does happen. Stop using your writing and privilege to hurt others. Use it for the good. You are a talented writer. As you stand today you have used your words as a weapon. Go get help. Something at some point hurt you and it was long before you met these men. Your desperate attempts to want people to be with you , to take care of you and to love you is tragic. You deserve love. Part of that responsibility as an adult is accepting rejection. It sucks but it is normal. When you find love you won’t need a baby an abortion or cancer to keep them around. Don’t you deserve that? Use your talent ( you write beautifully ) Stop lying. Move on with your life and learn from this. It is awful that you feel hurt by us. Look inside and see why you wanted Clayton, Matt, Greg …. To hurt in this way.
    This will end one day and you are in control of that ending. Admit your lies and watch the people who are angry change and support you. Most of us would love to see something good come from this. I am sure it would be hard and embarrassing but it already is. I really hope you get the help you need.? Life is too long to live it in a courtroom.

  19. Tom Bant

    I respect that she took the time to write this. But there is a glaring omission, she went to the tabloids with her story. The entire reason this story is known, is because she opened the floodgates. How is that not acknowledged?

    1. Noname

      There is way more than one glaring omission.

    2. Ashlyn

      Bingo, Tom.

    3. David Gingras

      Laura didn’t realize that going to the tabloids would result in her loss of anonymity. I guess she believed (naively) that they would respect her privacy and keep her name confidential. Obviously a BIG miscalculation on her part.

      But in fairness, when I was a young lawyer I sometimes would speak privately to reporters, and I believed (naively) that if you told them “this is off the record” that meant they were required to honor that request. That’s 100% wrong, and I was burned pretty badly by a reporter who didn’t respect my request for anonymity (a mistake I only make once).

      1. Tom Bant

        Not sure how that changes anything? She makes zero mention of it in the post, that has nothing to do with being anonymous. What was the intention of going to the tabloids?
        On top of that, someone in this case requested anonymity and you broke that, so you are also a hypocrite.

        1. Berlinda

          Her intention of going to the tabloids was to shame Clayton publicly. She was fine with all of that – in fact, let’s not forget the Instagram post she told him she was going to post and then tag him in it and ask all of Bachelor Nation what they thought of Clayton being some deadbeat Dad who won’t take accountability. She wanted to shame him, plain and simple.

  20. Trippy

    Cry me a river laura. You are not a victim. YOU went to the media YOU, nobody else went to The Sun etc, YOU brought the public into the case, im sorry to be the bearer of bad news its your own fault laura, from your own stupid lies. WE DONT HATE YOU, WE DONT WISH YOU ANY HARM, but YOU have to face the consequences of your actions. Stop reading reddit, stop watching videos YOU can control what YOU read and what YOU see. YOU lied about going to doctors for your high risk pregnancies(Nov Court YOU laura told a Judge said you’d seen Dr Higley last friday and you were 100% 24weeks) we now know that YOU claimed to have ovarian cancer (IT expert confirmed there from YOU) fake sonograms (greg Gillespie fiver VANISHING twins which YOU stole off a website that the woman has come forward horrified that her heartbreaking trauma has been stolen) edited sonogram (YOU admitted to altering in your depo) hgc test altered (YOU did changed the results and then sent it out and your lawyer admitted it on twitter). THIS BLOG POST OF YOURS LAURA IS CALLED GUILT-TRIPPING

  21. NONAME

    I have no doubt that you feel the weight of all of this when you wake every morning. To continue to deny that you and you alone are solely responsible for this, is fooling only yourself. I was there when you came on Reddit, trying to incite hate for Clayton, telling everyone to tag Clayton and tell him what we think of this. No woman, pregnant with high risk pregnancy would spend the time fighting with Redditors, and posting the things you posted. Those posts were all screenshot and saved, and have been used time and time again to prove lie after lie. Pregnancy is the easiest thing in the world to prove. You refused to do that. Instead you played games and chose to take not one man, but THREE men to court. Why? Because they were dead beat dads?? No. Because they wanted nothing more to do with you. What in your life has caused you to refuse to accept that some people are not “your person”? Why is that impossible for you to understand?

    Why do you scroll through Twitter, Reddit, and every other post you can find ??? If this all bothers you so much, why don’t you disconnect and just save it for your day in court? No one forces you to read the things people write about you. Just like no one forces us to read the articles you write. I didn’t read it. I refuse to read it. I know you think your word is the gospel, but you have a verified track record of lying. How can you really expect anyone to believe you when there have been so many PROVEN lies??
    It is so sad to me that you have done this to yourself. You had so many opportunities to stop this craziness before so many people found out, and you refused. Now, anyone you meet will google your name and find videos, court docs, posts, etc and immediately want to disengage from you. For what??? So you can have your day in court and hear a judge tell you the same thing the judge told you in the Greg Gillespie case?? No one won that case either.
    I realize right now you feel like any attention, even bad attention is at least attention. But you continue to destroy your chances to ever be in a healthy relationship. You might could have gotten away with all of this undetected with one man, but THREE men??? (Actually, we know there is more than three). It is NOT normal to have all these restraining orders and take every man you have dated to court. It’s not normal to contact peoples friends, families, jobs, the press, just because you don’t get your way. Please, Laura, stop the madness. Get help. 90% of this community would support you if you did the right thing, admitted the truth, and sought help. I know you won’t do that. I know you wil continue with this game you have played for many years. It’s all so sad. You have so much in life, and you choose to throw it away for vengeance. So when you tell us how badly you feel each morning you wake, and none of us feel sorry for you, it is because we all know the only one that can make this better for you, is YOU. Choose to live in light and truth. Choose to love yourself enough not to have to trick men, or sue men, to be with you. Choose to stop the lies. YOU are the one that can change your destiny. YOU are the one that has brought us all here. YOU are the one who went to the media. And while I am sure you believe this lawyer is really doing you a lot of good, that couldn’t be farther from the truth as well. I don’t know of one professional that has looked at this case that believes you or the lawyer. That should tell you something. So maybe your day in court will bring you a win, or maybe it will bring you a loss. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that for many years to come, everyone you meet will hear this and be scared to death to be with you. Only YOU can change that. Even children know right from wrong. Until you decide to do the right thing, you have made your bed, and you have to lie in it.

  22. Legal Beagle

    Laura, I am sorry that you are hurting. I can imagine how it must be to feel so impotent and out of control. I have no doubt that someone, somewhere did something to hurt you so much that rejection – perceived or actual, makes you lash out. But to heal, you have to embrace what harm you have done. Embrace that you lied when you accused Woodnick and GG of orchestrating a sexual assault that you never spoke of again in order to avoid your deposition. Embrace that you tried to destroy Clayton as Chase J Jones. Admit that you were never pregnant and heal. No one hacked you- you are ill, and that is ok….you matter and so does your mental health. The capacity for the forgiveness of the public is endless when you claim you were in a dark place and need help. You have value and good to contribute to the world, but before you can do that you must make amends to those you hurt.

    You know what you have done. The weight of it is what haunts you. The accusations you have made are not victimless. These men are just as entitled to peace in their lives as you….or to be able to get a job without being rejected for allegations of domestic violence. Or having their careers being ruined for a ruse and because they rejected you.

    You did the arts and crafts projects to make people believe you. You contacted the media, posted on Reddit, lied in court – all to make people believe you. But you overplayed your hand. The hubris and victimhood narrative you insist on perpetuating is what brought attention to this case and makes people want to see you fail.

    You started this foolishness, and you alone have the power to end it.

    You can be well, we are glad you are still here and hope you remain.

  23. BrattyParalegal

    Laura – court would never sanction a woman for being wrong – it will sanction the hell out of someone who knowingly brings false claims to court. The court will see the altered records, the lie about cancer, how you knowingly changed your HCG level. to a viable number (cause you’ve known about viable hCG numbers since you faked the pregnancy with MM) every message to Clayton, his family, the media, Reddit users, demonstrating the fake documents and information you were pushing, and very likely will conclude you brought this case in bad faith, you knew you were not pregnant (because you don’t need to make fake documents saying you’re pregnant if you are actually pregnant), and appropriately sanction you. Hopefully the prosecutors office doesn’t take a look at the potential for perjury charges..

    Best of luck, but until you come out with the truth, you will not be freed from your burden of lies. You’ll be embarrassed and humiliated for a while, but give it five years and this will probably be behind you – if you don’t try it again.

  24. Dismayed

    What do you mean you didn’t get medical care? You testified to the court that you had just been to the doctor (higley or mckhoul) ‘last week’ — I really believed that! Are you saying it’s not true ? Did you tell the court something they isn’t true?

  25. Bridget

    Laura, it’s time to come clean.

    Yes, your lack of medical evidence is one reason no one believes you. But even beyond that, no one believes you because you have been caught in so many smaller lies that aren’t explainable. Can you honestly blame us for concluding this is all a hoax? It also isn’t helpful for you that your own attorney continues to take positions that blatantly contradict prior hills you’ve died on.

    It appears you now admit you’ve told lies in this case and that you aren’t proud of those lies. I’m a lawyer, and I’m not here to help you prep for trial, but you should really be prepared to explain what you’re now conceding was a lie and what was not.

  26. Kate

    Laura, I want you to know you have support. I truly cannot imagine what it would be like waking up everyday with that amount of stress and panic. I truly can’t. I think everyone in the “cult” just wants some accountability- for which we’ve seen none. And by accountability, not just saying you lied about a few things to the media due to fear. Real accountability to those that have been harmed in the lies. The emotional torture you feel is what many have felt due to your lies (whether you meant it or not).

    I wish the best for you and think you have a lot to offer this world.

  27. Ivy

    Laura, nobody hates you. Please get help. Get help, admit to your lies, take responsibility, and do something purposeful to contribute to the world instead of wallowing.

    But if you were “literally looking out for the good of my child” you would have had some contact with obstetric care in 6 months. That is WAY easier and WAY more logical than filing lawsuits, attending constant court appearances, paying lawyers and replacing the ones that quit, sending 500 texts and photoshopping fake evidence. You tell us you have “never lied about being pregnant” yet by your own admission you have had 4 pregnancies, three of which with TWINS (only diagnosed via u/s), and literally not a single piece of ultrasound evidence, no evidence you sought care for a miscarriage or termination. Show us ONE THING that wasn’t photoshopped by you or stolen from the internet. We’re talking about at least *seven fetuses* without a single trace of evidence beyond your ability to run high on hcg. Why are you shocked people don’t believe you?

    DG, your client is delusional and unwell. Please encourage her to get help instead of enabling this.

  28. Beth

    Laura, I do not wish you any harm. You have to understand that these men are people too. They are people you have accused of cruelty, rape and violence. They are men have not been caught on outrageous lies. From what I have seen, these men, your last three victims, are likely lovely people. If they were to be caught faking multiple medical records and lying under oath – I would reconsider that opinion. But that is what YOU have been caught doing. So, try to take a step back and view the situation with an open mind. There is so much to gain from coming clean and completely owning your real story. You will be free. You will not be a victim in your own real story – you will be a powerful woman. Yes, in the past, you have used that power in the wrong way, but you have found a way to stop. You can now channel your energy into the things that are truly meaningful because you are getting help. And now you have that great STORY that you were always hoping for. A very complicated and compelling story with a great ending. You show people it is never too late to live with integrety. It’s never too late to own your mistakes. You first get honest about what you have done and how you got here. It’s not going to be easy, but the pay off is going to be so worth it: a huge weight taken off your chest, gaining all the online support you could have hoped for (some will take a while, but still) and a career as a speaker/public figure with a legit and interesting story. You will meet someone. You already have great taste in men, but as you progress in therapy, you will be more attracted to men who you don’t need to manipulate to stay with you. Laura, you can do hard things and come out all the better for it in the end.
    1. Confess all the major lies and forgeries.
    2. Get quality mental health support. Tell your therapists that you are interested in addressing how to change your own behavior to get more of what you really want from life (like helping people and animals)
    3. Start telling your story through articles and smaller podcasts. Fine tune your story until you are ready for larger podcasts, television shows and speaking venues. Write a book.
    The whole thing will take a few years, but the mental and physical relief and other initial results will happen within a few hours, I promise you. If you do this soon, it will also greatly reduce the calls that you be held accountable with perjury and fraud charges. Think about it, please.

  29. Karen

    As a mother of an adult daughter I feel sorry for Laura. I’d love to hug her and help her make this all go away. As a mother of adult sons, I believe she needs to be stopped so this repetitive behavior doesn’t continue. I was really hoping this heart felt letter would be an apology. An apology for altering medical documents, an apology for using other’s photo’s and ultrasounds and stating they were mine, an apology for showing up at court in November pretending to be pregnant when you weren’t, an apology for wasting the courts time. Honey, you are way over your head. I hope you find peace, and that will only come from telling the complete truth.

  30. Honestly…

    Laura, honestly, this is exhausting for all of us. Sure, you feel as though your life has been turned upside down and I will not question what feelings you have and have not experienced through this process. However, I think the reason this has risen to the level in which a Reddit community formed is simply because of the laying and manipulation you have exhibited since the beginning of this case. Your history and other aspects of your life have been scrutinized because people are fascinated with what has transpired, but even if all of that was erased and all they knew was what has happened since the beginning of this case, their opinions of you wouldn’t be any different. YOU have turned Clayton’s life upside down by incessantly claiming that you were pregnant far after you later claimed you had a miscarriage. It discredits everything you ever said after that. What is unfortunate is that now you’ve hired an attorney that has convinced you that simply because you believed you were pregnant 9 days after you had non-sex, that you may be completely absolved of all subsequent actions. Now here you are, having pissed off an entire community of mothers and women who have experienced miscarriages and have not waved them around like a prize as you have done. It is sad that you feel the way you do, but 90% of what you addressed in this blog post are your feelings which have stemmed solely from your own actions. It is time to be a woman, learn from your mistakes, and vow to change. It is possible to move forward and wake up one day feeling peace again. I truly mean that.

  31. Cherish

    I love reading and think this is nicely written. It reminds me a book I’m about to dive into. Laura should eventually write a book.

  32. Insect


    I hope you read this. I believed you when this first came out. I wanted to offer you compassion. Good people can do bad things. I believe your heart, your optimistic ambition, and desire to better the world around you. You don’t need to know where I stand now, but at least I’m not a dick about it.

    I have been following this from the beginning. I am all over the subreddit, I even got X to follow your lawyer. I agree with you about toxicity, especially in the sub. There is a lot of misogyny and bad takes that are harmful, not to just you, but victims and women everywhere. We all know how the world loves to tear women apart. The mods used to be great with enforcing rules but that has gone out the window. The mods are strict about being a fan club for a certain podcaster though. It has gotten frustrating.

    I tried to listen to the podcasts, but again they were just riddled with misogyny. As a victim who went through the courts, there is a way to follow cases without sexist comments or remarks. People can think you are lying without the women-hating vitriol that damages women everywhere. It sometimes triggers my own trauma (which includes the brutal court process). I worry this will end up in some right-wing cesspool (more so than it already has). Perhaps the cesspool can benefit you as more “mainstream” outlets tend to stay away from the deep end incel shit.

    My case got big online, too. Not as bad as yours, but bad enough that I moved to a different time-zone to try to heal and begin again. The perp had multiple victims of varying degrees of sexual assault. We all went through the criminal and civil trials. He had been “outed” on social media previously and the court cases reignited those accounts. I remember waking up one morning, checking Instagram, and seeing my own handwriting from my restraining order. My own shaky handwriting from when I stood in the courthouse and wrote my experience for the first time was staring at me from some strange Instagram. Court records were constantly being uploaded- even when numerous of us victims reached out, the accounts didn’t stop. Someone even made an account in support of the rapist. That account was especially brutal. The things that account said about me still pop into my head. I understand that kind of exposure and pain. It is unique and everlasting.

    Anyway, I’m sort of rambling away. I felt the urge to write to you but now I’m off track. I think I will write again eventually.

    Girl to girl though, please stop overusing the FaceTune as heavy as you do. It gives uncanny valley. Also you are not going to win over anyone saying you’ve worked for your money. Even if you have, you are wildly more privileged than most. If you want to give back, do so in meaningful ways. Consider volunteering at shelters, they always need help. Do something to actually uplift your community and the vulnerable populations in it. The TedX, your new business with your sister, the horse stuff, none of that benefits people who need it most. Like you said, you want to leave the world better than you found it.

  33. Ashley James

    David, If you’re going to defend serial fraudsters who destroy people’s lives, you could work for much higher profile nutjobs than Laura Owens – e.g. Trump is always looking for new lawyers like you. I despise the Bachelor franchise because of its MAGA demographic. I follow this case in the hopes of seeing Laura Owens go to prison. She has lived a life of entitlement off Daddy’s money, with enormous amounts of free time which she uses to defame and destroy several men’s lives, rather than use her money and profile for the betterment of society. They will be making a documentary about this and you will be mentioned as the lawyer that defended her. NOT your finest hours.

  34. Read Beth’s Comment Above

    Laura – I want to emphasize everything that Beth said above.

    The truth will set you free. The only way out is through.

  35. Bennie the dog

    Why as an attorney do you think any of this is helpful? I’m baffled seriously, you let her write a blog and then have 35 comments on all the evidence of her lying and very great valid points about your client being a fraud, absolutely no defense of her, just makes no sense , like you couldn’t make some fake emails with comments of support for her?…. Don’t get the strategy what’s in it for you long game Internet lawyer? It’s not making her look good it’s proving everyone’s observations of how diabolically manipulative she is, it’s 2024 and everyone is a detective we want DNA and proof and we can spot fakes. This is about outing a blatant liar not about her personally, everyone has humanity for low self esteem and crazy people even when they have just perceived abuse or injustice, but when you can see the tapes as plain as day you just can’t just spin that…I don’t care how good you think you are at litigation. The public has read the novel and seen the documentary real time. I think even if she wins in some way at court it doesn’t matter because the relatively small sampling of the main stream population as a whole has proven what conclusion people will have even with a JD with a Win next to her name in court. These blogs and comments will only live on, why you are not telling her to just be quiet and wait till everyone forgets in a year or so she can live a normal life maybe someday (unlike the men’s lives she keeps effing with) makes me think you are more interested in making a name for yourself and she can’t see she’s getting played. Only solice is she’s pretty much aged out of this scam by time this cools off completely so she’s going to have to try to trap some other way.

    1. David Gingras

      Bennie – you miss the point. The point here isn’t to convince YOU of anything. You already made up your mind. You aren’t the target audience here.

      The target audience is ANYONE who has NOT made up their mind. And yes, I know there are some people like this out there (I’ve heard from them). Because they are not cult members, they’re not actively posting comments in Laura’s defense. That’s something haters typically do, not supporters.

      Anyway, as I tried to explain at the top, this post was NOT my idea. Laura came up with it entirely on her own, and I know her well enough by now to know if I didn’t “allow” her to post her words here (not that my permission is required), she would have posted them somewhere else.

      1. Tara

        That sounds incredibly frustrating! You have a gift when it comes to handling BS!! Does she have a comment about the news today that she impersonated a Black Man who was a student at Howard University ? Chase B Jones tried to cancel Clayton for dancing to a song with the N word in it.

      2. Confused

        David I am curious why it matters if its on your blog vs. her typical place Medium?

        1. David Gingras

          Why it matters? Who said it matters? All I said was Laura asked me if it was OK to post this. I said sure, and then she suggested I post it here (which is fine — this page is not monetized, so I make nothing from having it here).

          I’m not really familiar with Medium (yes, I read one of her articles there a long time ago), so I can’t really comment about whether it would have been “better” to post it there. What difference does it make?

          1. Grant Chester

            What was the point of this post?

  36. Please get help Laura.

    Laura. Please take some time to relax and pray. No one wants to hurt you in any form. Many of us have sons we would not want to have to go through what the victims have went through. Many of us have also has miscarriages, abortions, or infertility issues. Your lies have brought back many bad memories that hurt more when we know you are lying. If you feel bad for your supposed miscarriage, why didn’t you go seek medical services as soon as you got the positive HCG test. If you would have proof of a fetal heartbeat and sonogram every one would believe you and no one would be talking about this. I also think your new lawyer has possibly made things worse for you with his actions. I’m not sure all of the information that was leaked from Mike and Greg would have come out had he not done certain things.

    As someone who had had mental health issues myself and have felt the way you feel, you need to get help. I have also done stupid things where I caused a lot of the anxiety. It’s tougher to get through this when you have caused the issue, but you have to admit your mistakes in order to move on. If you actually believe everything you are saying, then again you need to seek help. David if you are reading this, please reach out to her parents. I pray that they will get her in a stress center. They would most likely keep her a few days to a week and then would hopefully offer outpatient daily therapy sessions for a few weeks. My son did this several years ago when he was in your state of mind and it was helpful.

  37. All The Best

    Laura is a malignant narc who emotionally terrorizes men to keep them entangled with her. She is sticking to her lies like a typical manipulative lunatic playing the victim. Google ‘DARVO.’ ‘DARVO (an acronym for: deny, attack, and reverse victim & offender) is a reaction that perpetrators of wrongdoing, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. Some researchers indicate that it is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers.’ Laura, you need psychological help girl. You’ve destroyed these men’s mental health. You’re the abuser.

  38. Dodobird

    Lies after lies after lies. It’s getting boring.

  39. Laura Owens Inconsistencies:


    1. Ultrasound Image: Laura sends an ultrasound image on July 7, which she later admits to doctoring in her March 1 deposition. This raises questions about the authenticity of her evidence.

    2. Paternity Tests: The paternity tests conducted on October 6 and December 6 show little to no fetal DNA, contradicting Laura’s claim of being pregnant.

    3. Sonogram Image: On October 11, Laura releases a sonogram image found to be from 6 years ago. After this, Laura claims the sonogram was fake and her account was hacked, which was found to be an altered sonogram from the original post 6 years ago.

    4. Visible Pregnancy: On October 24, Laura appears visibly pregnant during her IAH hearing. However, this contradicts the paternity test results and the doctor’s visit note from November 14, which does not mention that she is “visibly pregnant”. “Moon Bump”

    5. HCG Levels: On October 16, Laura’s HCG level was 102. She was told that this result would not be indicative of a viable pregnancy, contradicting her claim of being pregnant.

    6. Doctor’s Visit Note: The doctor’s visit note from November 14 shows that Laura self-reported two pregnancies to the MomDoc medical staff. One pregnancy ended with an abortion and the other ended with a miscarriage. This contradicts her claims of being pregnant with Clayton’s child.

    7. Medium Article: On December 8, Laura publishes a Medium article in which she states that she does not want any congratulations on her upcoming pregnancy. However, this text and any text alluding to her being pregnant at the time of writing this article is edited out in the most recent iteration of the article.

    8. Ultrasound and Sonogram: Laura claims to have had an ultrasound on July 2 that confirmed her pregnancy. However, she later admits to changing the date and location of the sonogram from July 2 to July 7, and from Planned Parenthood to SMIL. This raises questions about the authenticity of any sonogram produced prior and recent cases.

    9. Twin Gestation: On July 3, Laura inquired about how soon a twin gestation could be determined. However, if she had an ultrasound on June 24-25 or July 2 as she claims, she should have already known whether she was having twins.

    10. Miscarriage: Laura claims to have passed two small fleshy objects on July 23, suggesting a miscarriage. However, she then takes two positive pregnancy tests on July 25 and August 1. This is inconsistent with a miscarriage.

    11. Pregnancy Tests: On November 14, Laura takes two pregnancy tests at MomDoc, both of which are negative. This contradicts her earlier positive pregnancy tests and her claim of being pregnant.

    12. Sonogram Modification: Laura’s attorney admits that she modified the sonogram and cannot provide a legitimate copy of the image through a medical provider. This could affect her credibility.

    13. Fetal Sacs: Laura claims to have passed two fetal sacs during her alleged miscarriage. However, she states under oath that the fetal sacs were a little bit smaller than the size of her hand, which is not consistent with 2 month 3 day old twin fetuses.

    I would also like you to acknowledge and be aware, that Laura must have buyer’s remorse, After threatening Clayton if he didn’t do what she wanted she would go to the media. (Laura was the first to go to the press.) She then shared her side of the story in an essay for Medium, “letting the public know who the anonymous woman in the news article she released. This brought her name and face from the corners of Reddit into the mainstream. She also emailed the ultrasound to the media and included it in a Dropbox folder she posted on Reddit.

    From my perspective, Laura’s previous statement carries no weight with me. It appears that Laura employs manipulative tactics to elicit sympathy, irrespective of her actions towards others. In this situation, she is not the victim she portrays herself as.

    No matter what tactics You and Laura are trying to pull or last-ditch efforts to purposely destroy this case, This Case is going to trial!!!!!!

    1. David Gingras

      FYI — this comment really crosses the line in my book. I am 100% fine with people having different views….but only when those views are based on a FAIR and ACCURATE discussion of ALL relevant facts.

      Cherry-picking facts, offering half-truths, or offering only facts that support your narrative (while ignoring EVERYTHING that goes against your narrative) is just bad faith dishonesty, pure and simple.

      Based on that, I ALMOST deleted this comment as just been too biased to leave up. But that’s not how the First Amendment works. People have a right to be idiots who only see what they want to see (most of the time). People have a right to lie to themselves if it makes them feel better (FFS, lots of folks claim that’s what I am doing).

      So I’m going to leave this POS comment up. Let’s see how it ages.

      1. Bad Faith

        “Cherry-picking facts, offering half-truths, or offering only facts that support your narrative (while ignoring EVERYTHING that goes against your narrative) is just bad faith dishonesty, pure and simple.”

        Hello pot, meet kettle……

        1. ATX - K

          “Hello pot, meet kettle……” Right? My thoughts exactly.

      2. Trippy

        Can you ask Laura about these discrepancies . Even from the start the lies are glaring the medical record that Joe speaks of in the email below should have stated at least 2 pregnancies by mike and matt.
        1) August 19th 2021 there’s an email chain from Alison Cordova (Joe Cotchett secretary) to Toni Stevens FORWARDED FROM LAURA TO GREG states that family friend/Lawyer ” Joe’s secretary has informed me that we had actually received medical authorisation from you. Thank you. Everything you told us -pregnancy and ultrasound- align with your timing, There is no pass pregnancies on your record” (should have at least 2 past records by matt and mike)
        2) on the November 14th 2023 on her MOMDOC VISIT, Laura has self reported having 2 miscarriages at date it should say 4 pregnancies. Matt,Mike,Greg and Clayton.
        3) medium article written by Laura DECEMBER 7th 2023 she wrote and she’s now edited (justice for clayton “cult” has got original) “what’s the allure of 33year old woman who’s been confirmed to be pregnant 3 times” this should also say 4 if going by Laura’s story.
        4) May 30th 2024 now in your blog she states she’s 34year old woman whose been pregnant 4 times (2abortions, 2miscarriages) this is why nobody believes Laura and why woman who have suffered miscarriages and struggled with getting pregnant are so angry.

        1. David Gingras

          The issue in our case is VERY narrow and simple — was Laura pregnant in August 2023 when she filed this case?

          Why the EFF would I have any interest in digging into comments made in 2021 in a different case?

          Let me put it this way — let’s assume for the sake of argument that you are 100% right. Let’s assume Laura LIED LIED LIED LIED about past situations. DOES THAT MEANS SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT IN THIS CASE? NO, IT DOES NOT.

          The insanity has got to stop. Unless someone has proof that Laura had a hysterectomy, is infertile, and that she could not physically conceive a child, I honestly don’t care AT ALL about what she did or did not do 3, 6, 8, or 10 years ago.

          Imagine Laura actually HAD a baby with Clayton. Would her “lies” from the Gillespie case be relevant to show she wasn’t pregnant with Clayton?

          1. Grant Chester

            Someone’s getting a little sensitive. Why would we even be in this position if she had a baby with Clayton? Such a stupid hypothetical.

          2. Tedtalks

            It matters because the probability of Laura being pregnant three separate times with twins is about 1.4 million to one. Haven’t you ever heard of Occam’s razor?

      3. Lonni

        Cherry picking seems like what you do. Stop threatening people. I have asked many times about a simple sonogram and you said you’d provide a “complicated and technical” answer. Who provided it? I’m sounding like an owl here, who, who, who? Stop claiming innocence and truth, and providing no answers. Yet you demand we trust your client. That is a sign of dishonesty! Give an answer please!????????

      4. Grant Chester

        This is dirty on your part, you have deleted paragraphs from your own blogs.

      5. Laura Owens Inconsistencies

        I’ve hit a nerve!!! BC it’s all proven facts!!!!! Guilty much?????

      6. Trish

        Omg, are you now going to pretend that your nick name isn’t the Dirty Deleter??!!

      7. Tturai

        Can you please tell us what parts you disagree with? It is hard for us to believe differently when there is never an answer to big questions like these. ( 20+ week ultrasounds, saying in court she was pregnant and had been to a high risk ob, who told her girl and boy twins, and why she showed the judge a picture with their “son”,… and so on)

        I appreciate you answering about the “rape”. It is something new and adds some context. It was a comment you made when you first started that indicated she was raped. I am glad you responded about that. I am also happy to hear you don’t agree with her writing the Judge about GG and GW. It makes you seem more logical when you admit you can see some of her inconsistencies. I think people come at you so hard because you come at us so aggressively. It hard to believe DN is a horrible lier and so is his Cult when so much evidence comes from Clayton’s side and so far nothing has been proved wrong by LO. I know court is this week and we will hear her side. Short of her showing up with twins I don’t see a huge change in us believing she was pregnant but I look forward to knowing what it is that makes you believe her. Have a good weekend!!

  40. John


    Enough is enough with this story.

    Did you file the court petition in good faith? The courts will decide on this and not be a dangerous precedent for other women because the court will consider the evidence provided by both parties. Before going to court, future women will know what is considered “proof of pregnancy” so that they are believed and not sanctioned.

    You canceled all your doctor’s appointments because Clayton would not accompany you. You did not care about the welfare of your unborn children to attend those appointments and expect Clayton to get all the backlash when you had the power to care for your unborn children. You cared more about your feelings than you cared about your unborn children. How can I believe you filed the petition in good faith when you showed you don’t care about the health of your unborn children? You showed more care for your horses than you showed for your unborn children.

    Why did you go to the media as an anonymous woman and use Clayton’s name? You wanted him to be treated badly in the media to experience hardship and invasion of his time and to wake up every morning with no reprieve from his actions? Because you care more about hurting someone else instead of caring for your unborn children, you are the one receiving the backlash for your selfish actions.

    Your lawyer gave you bad advice in allowing you to publish this letter because it infuriates everyone how you only care about yourself and no one else. Instead of a lawyer, you should have consulted a PR firm to help rebuild your reputation instead of this letter.

    Laura, everyone is giving you great advice in asking you to get some help. Instead of making mistake after mistake after mistake, start looking for help and people will start respecting you. You have taken four men to court, warranted or not, the common theme is you.

    1. Drop your lawyer – he has increased the scrutiny into your life rather than lessen it with his blog, tweets, and motions. He is the one providing the hours of content on your life by podcasters. Before this lawyer, there were two or three podcasters and since this lawyer showed up, the amount of podcasting hours increased so much that people can’t keep up with the content.

    2. Seek help from a mental professional – deal with the demons that attract you to men like Clayton, Greg, and Mike. Your lawyer made a mess of your case and has caused more issues in your personal life, another bad decision on your part and you still carry on with him like he is the rock you need to deal with this.

    3. Hire a PR firm and rebuild your brand properly after you dealt with your mental health. They will help you navigate this turmoil better than what your lawyer has done to you.

  41. Caroline McGaughey

    My spouse was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His symptoms included excruciating calf pain, muscular aches, tremors, slurred speech, frequent falls, loss of balance, and trouble standing up from a seated posture. After six months on Senemet, Siferol was given to him in place of the Senemet. It was also at this period that he was diagnosed with dementia. He began seeing hallucinations and became detached from reality. With the doctor’s approval, we stopped giving him Siferol and chose to try the Ability Health Center PD-5 protocol, which we had previously investigated. After three months of therapy, he has made significant progress. The illness has been completely contained. There are no symptoms of persistent twitching, weakness, tremors, hallucinations, or muscle soreness. The PD-5 Protocol was obtained from ability healthcentre. com. Though you still need to determine what works best for you, I thought I would share my husband’s story in case it could be helpful. Greetings and prayers

  42. Caroline McGaughey

    My husband had PD-5 programme about 4 months ago. Tremors in his hands and jaw are gone. It doesn’t make the Parkinson’s go away but it did give him better quality of life. we got the treatment from abilityhealthcentre. com

  43. Christy

    YOU, YOU, YOU…,,,, everything is about YOU! What about the lies you’ve told to destroy his life? Yes you’re concerned now because you never thought your lies would go this far.. Your lawyer says don’t speak but you’re so determined so you write this. Again because it’s all YOU YOU YOU!

  44. jillian paris

    Enabling someone to use suicide threats as a weapon is pretty low. Given that Laura seems, by her own words, obsessed with actively seeking out things written about her, I hope she reads this…Laura, you are pretty, obviously well-educated and intelligent, a talented singer and not a bad presenter, you’re kind to animals – your story about Whisper was really touching although you spoiled it by using the opportunity to once again paint yourself as a victim. I’m going to say that you play an awesome game of chicken too cause to allow things to get this far without breaking is stupid but shows you’re a very determined woman. Why on earth would you think you couldn’t attract a decent man just by being you? You can and you probably will, if only you could stop being needy, clingy and demanding and telling so many lies. You don’t need to do all that stuff. Sometimes a few dates turns into something more but mainly it doesn’t so just relax about it. You can’t force someone to be with you.

  45. You can do it!

    Laura, Could you please address how you feel about ruining 4 men’s lives? Do you realize YOU can make everything RIGHT by confessing? Just be done with it already. You won’t believe how many people will come to your side.. JUST DO IT.

    1. David Gingras

      @You can do it!

      It’s absolutely insane how stupid this comment is.

      Did you read my post about how I have been in EXACTLY the same situation (at least from a legal perspective)? https://gingraslaw.com/what-does-justice-for-clayton-look-like-let-me-tell-you/

      If a woman tells a man she’s pregnant when actually she’s not, this does NOT “ruin” the man’s life. That is absolutely garbage. I am NOT condoning dishonesty of any kind in a relationship. But if a girl says she’s pregnant, and she’s not, guess what? You can deal with that with ONE SINGLE RESPONSE: “I don’t believe you’re pregnant, but if you are and a baby is born in 9 months, I will gladly take a test and if that shows I’m the father, I will do the right thing.”

      THAT’S IT. THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO, AND IT IS A 100% FOOLPROOF WAY OF DEALING WITH THE SITUATION. $0 in fees. $0 in costs. Takes like 2 minutes of your life and it’s done.

      1. Trish

        You Mr Dingas have MOST certainly not been in the EXACT situation. Stop trying to gaslight people like your client does. While I agree everyone could have simply waited for a baby to arrive, and none of this would have happened, your CLIENT was the one to draw first blood and has been doing so since 2014!!! She didn’t need to contact Clayton or any of the men 11 days after (non intercourse w/Clayton btw) but she insisted on another Dating Contract and to allow them to have say in whether she aborts her twins or not if they will only give her a chance. After further rejection, she contacts employers, parents etc. because she’s having a temper tantrum, then files a lawsuit. These men were simply trying to defend themselves and you are well aware.

      2. Dodo bird

        Dude- do you not understand how filing an OOP could affect a guy? Do you not see that she LIED and told groups that Clayton was going to be speaking to that he was this horrible person and he was bad for her mental health? You think that stuff is just so simple to deal with? SHE STARTED IT ALL by bringing a paternity/ co-parenting case to family court. IMO, you need to have a documented ultrasound sent from doc office to court/judge/lawyers (not from an email that could be manipulated by photoshop) or have the baby and do a paternity test to be able to take someone to court like this. Quit being so obtuse. Surely you’re not this dumb.

      3. Ivy

        The scenario you describe would absolutely not ruin anyone’s life, I agree with that assessment. And this is probably how 99%+ of couples would handle it, as it sounds like it was in your experience. Do I need to point out to you that you’re literally here because Clayton tried to disengage and she took him to court? Or when he tried to disengage she sent 500 messages, contacted his family, potential employers, complained to his licensing board, unleashed the media resulting in coverage that will follow his name forever, filed police reports, tried to invite more media attention/cancelation via Chase J Jones, threatened to sue him AGAIN to avoid her depo, and tapdanced around a rape claim???? Missing anything??? Why don’t you try living that and then decide if that might affect your life a little. Unfortunately if you stick with her you just might find out! You were warned!

      4. @HearMeowt

        David, Why do you take down my comment, which was not at all inflamatory or hysterical, instead of commenting a reply to it telling me what is wrong with it?

        I thought you are all about free speech?

        Reposting original again:

        Every single day in this country, people are put on suicide watch. Sometimes, that is because they are facing life altering/ending prison sentences. Does that mean we need to set them free? Should their victims be robbed of justice because the perpetrator cannot deal with the reconning of their prior actions? Does everyone need to stop discussing what they did, because they feel bad when people do?

        No, of course not. We put them under supervision to make sure they cannot harm themselves while they serve their confinement. They are still held accountable for the choice or choices they made that brought them there.

        This case is no different. There is no expression of remorse from Laura, only further accusations against those who she cannot intimidate, manipulate, or forcefully silence into not talking about what she has done. There is no thought of anyone or anything other than playing the victim.

        David Gingras takes no stewardship or accountability for his clients well being. Has she been sent to a facility to watch her? Has he done wellness checks? Has he reached out to her family? His #1 priority seems to have been to spend time writing the intro to his clients lengthy “cry for help”, which probably would have started with not having her post it at all, because it does not contain a single whisper of the only thing that can cure this behavior: Confession, remorse, and the plan for accountability and restoration of her victims. That’s what we call JUSTICE.

        We may have to settle for accountability and restoration, because it can and will be imposed by the Court. Only Laura can provide the first two, its up to her. The longer she fights it, this current existence she hates will never stop manifesting itself in her life.

        Get help.

        1. David Gingras

          I didn’t take your comment down. If you posted something and it disappeared, there must be some tech reason for it (my blog has some default spam blocking rules that i don’t really understand, so some comments may be auto-blocked without my involvement).

          1. @HearMeowt

            Fair enough, i did think it was odd. I’ll take you at your word though.

      5. Grant Chester

        Please link the sun article of your EXACT situation.

      6. Tedtalks

        You do realize Clayton tied to do that. But Laura refused to do a paternity test without dating stipulations. And when he finally did block her, she had her mom send him a “suicide note” to try and get him to speak . She sent emails to the HOPE conference asking for him to be dropped as a speaker. And then of course she went to the Sun to try and ruin his reputation. Not EXACTLY the same situation don’t you think?

      7. Trippy

        So laura has severe polycystic ovaries on both overies but left ovary is worse makes getting pregnant especially by blowjobs and grinding extremely low to zero, she’s probably going to need IVF in the future the high majority of woman with severe pcos like laura end up needing IVF. Past relationships doesn’t matter but it shows a pattern of past behaviour. I still don’t understand the huge pregnant stomach in October/November. Who says they’ve seen a doctor (Dr higley) and she was 100 percent 24 weeks pregnant but has got a 102 hgc result weeks before. Plus your comment is disingenuous because when Clayton blocked her number and asked to stop contacting him. She sort out his father work email and emailed him, she wrote emails to claytons speaking engagements about how Clayton was a shitty human and didn’t care that she was pregnant with his twins. So hr lost opportunities and lastly threatened him with going to the media and then went to the media. Why did Clayton deserve to bd dragged in the media for being a shitty person and a dead best dad but laura deserves to stay anonymous. She went to the media, what about claytons mental health? why did laura get to name and shame Clayton publicly but she gets privacy. How was that fair?

  46. Chase J Jones

    Please stop trying to hack into my YouTube account. I’m Chase J Jones and I have Laura’s phone, okay? We just share a phone number but we aren’t the same person.

  47. Lonni

    I love you Laura! Please come clean and walk away from this! This lawyer is not helping you! Be yourself, and walk away. Your choice, but honesty will go along way. Maybe you are being honest with yourself, however the lies are not coming off great. Do yourself a favor, and come out the other side fresh and clean!

  48. Tina H

    You’ve had miscarriages in the past, why wouldn’t you see a ob/gyn to ensure it didn’t happen again. Do you not have an internist or gyn for annual exams? If pregnant it would show up in their records too.

  49. Sarah

    You talk about filing the paternity claim to “ensure the welfare of your unborn children” and feign grief over your “miscarriage”, yet with all of this supposed care and attachment towards your alleged pregnancy, you still didn’t seek out an ounce of prenatal care?

  50. Jane Survivor

    I’ve lost friends and a sister *retired vet* to suicide. HER THREATS TO UNALIVE ARE ABSOLUTELY DISGHUSTING! the world is angry because she uses and mocks suicide survivors pain, Dv survivors, sa survivors etc..How dare she mock my sister and best friends pain…mind you neither of those losses were telling people they were gonna do it. So this woman’s fake threats just mock survivors…she needs help and she needs to confess and the world will open its arms no matter how hurt we are we welcome a wonderful comeback story but please stop posting her fake stories of pain that she creates HERSELF! Signed a suicide survivor (my sister Kathy 11/13/2001 missed every second of everyday)

  51. Paul

    Hi David, my question, always to this was why didn’t she just wait to file the case. She told Clayton, he didn’t believe her, ok fine, see you in family court in 9 months, keep her receipts. My kids are 13 and 8. We had scans from 6 weeks all the way up to birth. Probably 25+ for each. Maybe it’s different here. I understand when your hurt you want instant gratification, but that need to get back at CE seems to be her downfall imo. I know should have, could have, would have. But had she just held off for a few months, everything would be so different now. Its like she started spinning & couldn’t stop. If she taught she was pregnant at all those stages, a sonogram would have fixed everything. The question I have is, did she have a good faith basis to believe she was pregnant. If so how far does that get you, before she needs next steps to move forward. There is a LOT of information out there. Laura is an excellent writer & her pro se court docs are very very well written. I just can’t get my head around why no next steps. I couldn’t go to my youngest first scan, but my partner recorded the heartbeat & took pics. It’s an important day. I struggle to see past the filling, the good faith basis. I wasn’t thinking past the next scan lol. Anyway, you know I appreciate your engagement. Take care. Take care Laura.

    1. David Gingras

      Fair question, and the answer is (I think) pretty simple — there was actually a fair amount of back-and-forth dialogue between Laura & Clayton BEFORE the case was ever filed. Yes, Clayton initially said no way was she pregnant, but then he made some comments about how she should just have an abortion, then it was adoption, and then Clayton even made a comment about taking the kid(s) himself before he eventually cut off communication with Laura. In that confusing situation, I don’t blame Laura for not knowing what to do – have the kids? Don’t have them? Have them and let Clayton take them? Adoption? It’s really unfair to just put the entire burden of that choice on Laura’s shoulders. So Laura filed the case early (which the law 100% allows) in order to TRY and get Clayton share some roll in making that difficult choice. Oh, and one other thing regarding “good faith” — did you know the law says a man can voluntarily agree to paternity even if he is NOT the father? So in other words, a woman is ALLOWED to file a paternity case against a man even if she KNOWS he is not the biological father. In that situation, if the woman has any reason to believe the man is willing to voluntarily accept paternity, it would not be sanctionable for the woman to file the case, even if the man never even touched her (I’m not suggesting Clayton was willing to do that here, I’m just offering a hypothetical example). Law is strange in that way.

      1. Gloria

        It’s a shame that AZ has such lax legal requirements for filing a paternity claim. I checked the requirements in my own state, and one needs a DNA test with over 95% accuracy in order to file a claim in family court (when the woman is still pregnant at the time of filing). Something like that should be mandated for all states. Allowing someone to file this with only hCG test results (which is only an indicator of pregnancy) with no further proof is disturbing. We all know by now, that Laura has no other verifiable proof of her “alleged” twin pregnancy – she never sought OB care (by her own admission), nor did she receive an ultrasound. She will have to explain those lies to the Judge on the 10th. Good luck with that.

      2. Beth

        “It’s really unfair to just put the entire burden of that choice on Laura’s shoulders.”
        It’s really unfair to give a grown woman her choice of what to do with her own body? I realize it is your duty to zealously defend your client, but I’m sure you can do this without continuing to infantilize adult women.

      3. Tom Bant

        That is your impetration of the law. Your “so in other words,” is not the same as “this is what the law says.”

      4. LMP not conception date, duh!

        He was appeasing her with conversation David. Just like Greg did when she faked a botched abortion with him. These guys knew damn well she was never pregnant. But they also knew they were dealing with delulu with her (delusional, in case you don’t know what delulu means, like cray cray means crazy, which she also is). If this woman was ever pregnant, even once, she would know from her first appointment with the Obgyn that the length of pregnancy is measured by the last menstrual period, not the day the deed was done. She would have known that David. And not made that mistake on the faked ultrasound. Like someone who’s never been pregnant. I know you know she’s lying. It’s the only way you can “help” her, by knowing every lie to defend. You’re artistic in they way you word things, so that you yourself aren’t lying. But you know, it’s all BS. She cray.

      5. Paul Doe

        This is a cheap scam that no halfway intelligent lawyer would have taken after looking at the facts. Your pathetic attempts at justifying your participation after the fact shows how frightened you are of your own karma.

        You are doing more to harm women and the #metoo movement than a thousand rapists.

  52. raava

    Please appeal Gringas I want more Dave videos on this ????????

  53. Alicia

    Dave and Laura,

    I’m struggling to understand that if Laura genuinely believes she was pregnant, why lie about other things? Now that Laura concedes she has made at least one misstatement to the court (like that she saw treated by doctors she now admits she didn’t see), does she have an explanation? For someone who was super diligent about taking pregnancy tests and filing parent plans, it seems questionable that she wouldn’t seek prenatal care.

    Also, excuse my ignorance- I still can’t figure out who told her it was twins?

    Thanks for any response.

  54. Benny

    I 100% believe that Clayton “stuck it in” because in one of his emails he was talking about precum which would make no sense if it was just oral sex.

    Laura, in the future don’t go after these guys that clearly don’t want anything serious. Rejection stings, I understand, but orchestrating these elaborate schemes are not only damaging for the men, but for you, and for your family.

    I’m sure everyone that loves you just wants to seek help and to love and respect yourself. You need to really want to change and to work on why you feel such a sense of urgency and desperation surrounding relationships with men.

    I think there is a way forward for you to regain your confidence and your self worth, but it won’t happen if you refuse to take accountability. You’ll need to speak to someone more sophisticated in these matters regarding what liability you’ll face etc, but you can relieve yourself of this awful burden you chose to carry and start fresh. Heck, you might even get a book deal.

    1. Beth


      In the email he says there was no precum. I don’t actually know if someone can 100% know if there is precum. However, in the email he says he CAN tell when that happens and that it DIDN’T happen, so please don’t misrepresent what he wrote.

  55. Paul

    David, what do you (or Laura) have to say about the fact that Planned Parenthood has denied that people can make appointments anonymously?

  56. Sarah

    David ignoring questions he can’t answer, per usual.

    1. Not a Bot

      Yep. He blocked me on X to avoid responding to my valid comments… though he said it was because I’m a bot, which I’m obviously not. Thanks for that, David! ????

      1. David Gingras

        I’m human and make mistakes (almost daily). I don’t block anyone just because they support Clayton (that would be both stupid and hypocritical). I DO block people who are clearly trolling from 0-day old accounts with zero followers. Anyway, if I made a mistake and blocked you, just shoot me a message and I’ll reconsider (so far, I’ve granted 99% of all such requests, so worth a try).

  57. Blocked?

    I must admit my support of either side does shift when new information is dropped from either side. I’m not in AZ and I’m at the mercy of the attorneys in some ways. His most recent pretrial filing does make a good case that she was pregnant by her eyes. Therefore her claim isn’t so far fetched when the data she had was all pointing to that. However, with that said, I woke up to find I was blocked from his Twitter.

    Although I’m unsure what I did/said or if this is just from W’s filing, it was nice while it lasted. I like to ‘see how the sausage is made’ in our legal system. So, thank you for what you did share.

    I apologize if I offended or upset you in some way. Good luck on Monday.

    Rooting for justice for all,

    1. Beth

      David doesn’t understand that many of us got an X account just to follow him and the case. Seems he’s blocking accounts with no followers. It’s too bad.

    2. David Gingras

      I’ll unblock you if there was a good faith mistake, but there are WAY too many bad faith trolls disrupting the discussion. If I made a mistake, email me and I’ll gladly reconsider: david@gingraslaw.com

      1. Coffeegenes86

        Here’s my plea: You blocked me (coffeegenes86) and I was genuinely asking good faith questions and was actually responding to trolls who asked you dumb questions. For example, last night, a lot of people attacked you because your proposed fact about the pee stick contradicted Clayton’s deposition. It was annoying, and I tried to explain to as many people as I could that your job isn’t to be consistent with Clayton’s deposition. I use my real twitter for work so I created a separate account in Feb before you joined the case. Let me back in!

        1. Paul Doe

          What discussion? This is a cheap scam that no halfway intelligent lawyer would have taken after looking at the facts.

          Your bar membership is going to be cancelled you lowlife piece of garbage.

      2. outsmarted

        david, you blocked me for asking why you haven’t addressed certain things, not for trolling? this seems to be the pattern here: you block everyone who has outsmarted you.

        1. David Gingras

          The only people I’m blocking are: A.) obvious bad-faith trolls, and B.) people who are clearly and intentionally spreading false information.

          Want to support Clayton? GO FOR IT. It’s a free country. But that doesn’t mean you’re right.

          1. dingus

            my opinion is based on laura’s actions and her A.) Admitting to altering multiple ultrasounds, which were stolen from a women who ACTUALLY experienced pregnancy loss. B.) Creating Chase J Jones and several other alternate accounts that were traced back to her casita, to troll clayton and try to get him bad press. C.) her faking CANCER and editing multiple doctor’s notes to try to gain sympathy from mike. D.) you not giving ANY solid evidence and just trying to sh*ttily do your job by “blogging” and tweeting tantrums, without PROVING anything. E.) Can’t wait for justice to prevail and be “right” 🙂 you will be eating your words and i can’t wait to see what slimy actor plays you in the documentary!

  58. Mission Viejo

    Okay, okay. So here’s what happened:

    Laura got caught *verifiably* lying about ever going to Planned Parenthood to receive an ultrasound and has no way to back out of that.

    She clearly never received an ultrasound anywhere, otherwise she and one of her many lawyers would have disclosed it by now. This is why David has continued to ignore questions about her supposed ultrasounds and has completely removed any mention of them from his pre-trial statements (even though he himself submitted her disproven Planned Parenthood ultrasound as part of Dr. Medchill’s analysis). Of course, this proves her claim of twins is completely, absolutely, ineffably unfounded, completely made up.

    This is all of course because Laura is a compulsive liar who can only get one person to be on her side, a person she is literally paying to do so. And that person has no integrity or true respect for justice.

  59. Caroline McGaughey

    My husband had PD-5 programme about 4 months ago. Tremors in his hands and jaw are gone. It doesn’t make the Parkinson’s go away but it did give him better quality of life. we got the treatment from natural herbs centre. com

  60. Elle Thorn

    So how did she know it was BOY and GIRL TWINS due on FEB 14th??? I missed the answer!??

    1. Sarah

      She made it up, and David doesn’t even care about trying to disprove that anymore lolol

      1. David Gingras

        I most certainly DO care about “disproving” this….although it’s not my job to “disprove” anything.

        Clayton is the one who claims the pregnancy is fake, and he’s the one that bears the burden of proof on that issue.

        I don’t believe he has met that burden, but we’ll see what happens.

        1. Sarah

          Then answer the question, David. Who told her it was boy/girl twins? Who told her she was having twins at all? We’ve yet to see proof of her ever having an ultrasound (and don’t even try saying she made an anonymous Planned Parenthood appointment, we know and you know that isn’t possible, unless you’re still down to spread more lies about Planned Parenthood).

          I already know you’re going to ignore this as usual. So it’s more for everyone else to see you once again weaseling out of things you don’t have an answer for, because no answer exists. Pathetic.

        2. Lying Liars


  61. DoesntMakeSense

    How does she feel bad about the miscarriage, when she sought no medical treatment? Well, maybe that’s why she feels bad.

  62. LegalBeagle

    David, will you be commenting on the recent 3.3 disclosure by Laura Owens’ former attorney, where he confirms she lied and lured him into putting false statements in the court record?

    1. Mia

      Of course, he won’t. Then he would have address, once again, how his client has perjured herself and has admitted to medical fraud on multiple occasions. He wants to conveniently ignore these facts and somehow put Clayton’s credibility in question. One person in this case has lied over and over again, and it is not Clayton.

  63. JFC

    This girl simply doesn’t care what she did to these men. She only cares about herself and her feelings. These men are people too and from everything I’ve seen you are a master manipulator. You gaslight these men , and they would’ve told you anything to make you go away. And I know that’s a crappy feeling but you did it to yourself. I truly hope justice is served for these guys because that’s what this is all about and unless you own up to all of your lies this will follow you for a very long time. It’s scary how you use self harm to get your way, it’s a pattern that repeats itself over and over in the emails. Please get help. Nobody should have to deal with you like this ever again.
    Turn over a new leaf, live your life, be happy. And STOP

  64. Kate

    This entire case is heartbreaking.

    I rewatched all court videos and re-read all motions over the last few days. I don’t know Laura, I don’t know Clayton.

    I think any critical thinker, anyone with common sense would agree that Laura has massive credibility issues and Clayton and others…just don’t. Yes, Clayton lied to her about submitting real estate offers, but that was sent to the board for review and he wasn’t punished after review of their communications. It also has nothing to do with her pregnancy claims.

    She admitted to altering medical documents and was never able to provide a single sonogram verified by any medical facility. It is just not possible in 2024 to walk into a medical facility and get a sonogram without providing any personal identification. If she used a fake ID- fine, but call back, tell them when you were there, provide the name on your fake ID, and get the appointment info and the sonogram.

    In my opinion, there has also been very credible evidence from multiple other men (including a recorded phone call where she says she was pregnant with twins and references a twin sonogram she sent via text . If she’s going to contest any of those claims- fine- but you have to do better than claiming all of these people hacked into her accounts, lied, manipulated texts and recordings, etc. it would have to be a massive conspiracy against her going back 8+ years.

    I applaud your defense- honestly (not being sarcastic). I get you don’t have a lot to work with. You’ve done the best by Laura that you could. I just think the public would be so forgiving if she just came clean- me for one, is rooting for her to do so and would support her.

  65. Tara

    I read somewhere that the Judge will probably not have an answer on Monday. Is that true and if so how long do they usually take? It’s only a 2 hr case so does this mean she will be reading all the evidence that you guys can’t get to in such a short amount of time? Do both parties have to return for the judgment or will you guys just receive a written notice of the Judgment? Thanks in advance, Tara

  66. Thank You Gringas

    David, I was gleeful watching this trial. With your words, you’ve fueled emotions in me and others to a boiling part. If you lawyered as well as you can put out tweets, then it would’ve made this case harder for all of us to watch. I admit, I was worried about trial today, thinking maybe you did have some sort of ace up your sleeve (or even a basic concept of what this case is all about…) I was silly for overestimating you. You’ve proved your intelligence time and time again, and I should’ve just believed you the first time. So thank you, because we all got to watch you look like an utter fool, and it makes the impending victory so much sweeter. Thank you for dancing for us, little monkey. Enjoy the vacation from Laura Owens. And to Laura – All the best!

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