Lawyers I’ve Personally Put In Jail….Or Not

Someone recently asked me about a passing comment I made regarding cases I’ve worked on where the other lawyer ended up in jail and/or disbarred. At the time, when I made that comment (in an email to CE’s lawyer), I didn’t think much of it, and I didn’t think I needed to offer any further details. My point was simply to emphasize an obvious concept — following the rules is IMPORTANT, and bad things can happen when you break the rules. That shouldn’t be a controversial thing.

I, of all people, know this very well.

Since that comment was made, it appears some folks have misconstrued what I was trying to say (or what they claim I meant). I don’t like misimpressions to stand uncorrected, so I wanted to drop a quick comment to clarify a couple things.

First, as I said in my message to CE’s lawyer, I’ve worked on more than one case (!) where the opposing lawyer was later jailed. That statement is absolutely true, and I stand by it.

To be clear — I never said and certainly didn’t intend to imply that MY actions directly or indirectly caused the other lawyer to get arrested. That’s NOT true, and it’s not what I said (and not what I meant).

I was simply trying to emphasize the fact that I’ve dealt with very nasty cases (WAY worse than LO v. CE) where the other lawyer HATED MY GUTS and told me I was 1000% wrong about everything and that I had no clue how to practice law, but then the other guy ended up imploding their career and, more than once, the other lawyer ended up in jail. The moral of the story should be obvious — lawyers who don’t follow the rules are not immune from consequences (and yes, that also applies to my actions).

Let me give you one specific example. From 2009-2014 I defended a case called Sarah Jones v. Dirty World Ent. Recordings. The story of this case was absolutely insane. It was a defamation case filed against a website called over some unflattering stuff posted on the site by an anonymous 3rd party. The plaintiff (Sarah Jones) was a high school teacher in Kentucky, and on the weekends she also worked as a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. This page has a really good summary of the case:

After she was posted on my client’s website, Sarah hired a lawyer named Eric Deters. Eric was kind of famous in the Cincinnati area at the time (his dad was a famous attorney years before him). Eric also had a radio show (podcasts weren’t really a thing, although he now has a YouTube channel), and he called himself “The Bulldog” on TV ads for his law practice.

Eric agreed to help Sarah, even though he had never handled a defamation case in his life. He had also never sued a website, and he had no idea what the process was for doing any of this. I think he was mostly focused on personal injury cases, like car wrecks.

Initially, Eric meant to sue my client (the owner of, but because he was clueless, he accidentally sued the owner of a different website called No one from showed up in court, and this resulted in the judge (a federal judge in Kentucky) awarding the plaintiff an $11 million default judgment.

The Bulldog immediately went on TV and bragged about “winning” such a massive judgment for his client. But a judgment against the wrong party is NOT a “win”. OOPS.

I heard about the case for the first time while I was on vacation in France (we have friends who own a house in France, so we often go there for summer breaks). After looking up the case, I reached out to the Bulldog and explained he sued the wrong website. I also explained the law did not allow these type of defamation claims against website owners. Bulldog told me I was an idiot, and that he would see me in court.

That case dragged on for FOUR years in federal court. Kind of like LO v. CE, the trial judge ruled against me at every stage. Literally EVERY motion I filed in that case was denied. But I never stopped fighting.

We eventually had two jury trials. The first jury hung, and the second ruled in favor of Sarah (after the judge gave the jury an incorrect legal instruction that basically guaranteed a win for Sarah). The total judgment was $338,000. My client and I actually hugged and jumped for joy after we lost the second trial (because it meant we could finally move on to a different court).

One insane thing that happened right in the middle of the case was rumors started to circulate that Sarah Jones was about to be arrested for having sex with one of her students at the high school where she was a teacher. Sarah, of course, furiously denied this, and she proclaimed her innocence at every step.

Well, sure enough — right before the case went to trial, Sarah was indicted by a grand jury and charged with having sex with a student. Sarah still proclaimed her innocence….right until the police disclosed they had pulled her text messages and found, during a one month period, she exchanged over 9,000 text messages with the student. I’d love to share the contents (I still have them), but they were later sealed by the court.

Anyway, Sarah ended up pleading guilty to a felony, and shortly after that, she ended up MARRYING the student! They even went on to have two kids together (I think they are divorced now).

But whatever happened to The Bulldog? Well, soon after I won the case on appeal, Bulldog ended up losing his license to practice law (it’s a LONG story, but this was NOT related to anything that happened in our case).  He was also arrested multiple times, including once for — get this — impersonating an attorney. I can’t make this shit up. I think the Bulldog is actually running for Congress now (he’s a MAGA Trumper).

The bottom line here is very simple. Eric Deters was my opposing counsel in a case that dragged on for 5 years. I ended up 100% victorious, even though the trial judge ruled against me at every step. We absolutely smoked the Bulldog on appeal (the Court of Appeals 3-judge decision was unanimous in our favor).

And yes, after the case was over, Bulldog lost his law license and went to jail. Did that happen as a direct result of my awesome legal prowess? Absolutely not. But who cares? That wasn’t the point. Bulldog’s downfall was caused by his arrogance, his stupidity (the guy was seriously dumb as rocks), and his general refusal to follow the legal and ethical rules that govern the practice of law.

The legal profession is way better off without Bulldog. I still think he’s not a bad guy….he just should never set foot in a courtroom unless it’s as a criminal defendant.

And if you guys really care, I have other stories like this….but hopefully you get the point. I am NOT a perfect person, and I’ve made tons of mistakes in my life…some of which have included brief trips to jail (long before I was a lawyer).

My personal view is that screwing up is NOT what defines a person. What matters is whether you learn from your mistakes, and do everything in your power not to repeat them.

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  1. Teisha

    back peddle , back peddle

    1. Becky

      It’s so insane that an attorney is arguing his case on social media!!!
      Thank God June 10th is quickly approaching.
      Mr Woodnick can probably sit back & watch. The Judge has had enough with the ridiculous motions!

  2. Kate

    This is great, thanks.

    Couple question that deserves a response. Critical thinkers are curious.

    1) What provider confirmed Laura was having twins? Twins cannot be confirmed via a feeling that one is pregnant, or HCG tests. If the answer is Planned Parenthood, they have no record of her and do not accept anonymous patients. What name did she use?

    2) What is Laura’s response to the hard evidence that the fake cancer documents were sent from her phone number? Honestly curious. If she claims she didn’t send from her phone, then who did?

    1. Pumpkin

      Mr. David, you should really answer this. Laura claimed twins. Is this a lie? You’ve admitted Laura has lied or fabricated multiple things now, so it is okay if you admit she lied about this as well. We will understand as long as the truth does come out. Laura had to of had a sonogram/ultrasound to find out twins. And if this happened, there would be a record of it at some medical center. Please, do not insult our intelligence saying the planned parenthood one is the ultrasound confirming it. Because if that is to be true we are supposed to believe somehow planned parenthood went against ALL their policies to allow an anonymous one done (which they have confirmed is not allowed), because they have NO record of Laura getting this sonogram, or that miraculously Laura or her mother just can’t remember which location and on which date they went to planned parenthood. Now what is more plausible and less insulting to everyone’s intelligence is that Laura, who has admitted to lying about multiple things and fabricating/editing medical records, created this ultrasound and never actually got an ultrasound done at a planned parenthood. Thanks and hope you can clear this up and get your client to admit this! Because honestly Mr. David this not only reflects on Laura, but since you are helping her to uphold this lie within the court system despite all logic and evidence pointing it’s a fabrication…. well it makes you look just as much as a liar as she.

      1. Ida Dunutin

        Another “fun fact” (as DG loves to say) about Planned Parenthood is that they do NOT do sonograms at the location LO claims she had her infamous “Anonymous” ultrasound at and according to PP, NONE of the locations in CA perform sonograms, ultrasounds etc. They can provide a referral to an OB/GYN who DOES do them however. You would think LO might have checked with PP before making yet another false claim! Didn’t she also sign an affidavit under oath, swearing she only altered the name of the facility and that everything else was HER sonogram? ???? I can’t wait to see what LO’s excuse is going to be for ghosting the trial… I’m voting she’s going to cry wolf with her tired, fake “harassment” and “cyber bullying” BS claims that conveniently only seem to come up before a hearing or deposition she doesn’t want to attend. She’s going to whine about how stressed and afraid from HER OWN ACTIONS! She has nobody to blame but herself for bringing this to the public’s attention! She sure didn’t care about naming Clayton in the media, but cries when SHE posts a public statement about how SHE is the anonymous woman in the Bachelor paternity scandal! ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ Why hasn’t one friend come to her defense David? Why has NOBODY come to defend her?(with the exception of paid lawyers-how many lawyers have dropped her during this?) and her Mom! It speaks volumes when not a single soul has come to offer support or to say they believe her! Hitler and Amber Heard still have troglodytes who will sell their souls to co-sign the BS of their hero/idol/master! Who does LO have? I’ll wait ???? (forever, bc she doesn’t have anyone!)

        1. david the groomer

          Her “sonogram where she claimed she was “anonomous”, yet had a patient portal with pixelation EVERYWHERE on the screenshot (her using adobe acrobat) and Planned Parenthood themselves claiming she never showed…. tik tok, david fungus! justice is coming

  3. Becky

    This got me interested and down a rabbit hole, LOL. Sarah Jones IS still married and they have 3 (very cute) kids 🙂

    Annnnyways. In this LO vs CE case, since it’s been brought up now, is there any possibility that the judge COULD say that since there are now 2 doctored documents there is a lack of credibility to believe the other facts? Or would that have to be proved? I’ll admit….the new admitting of that HCG test being doctored the as thrown me. I haven’t researched it enough myself, but based on what others are saying it does seem so odd that she would doctor a document to look like she was not pregnant while still claiming to be pregnant….but again, I’m “trusting” what people as re X are saying which isn’t necessarily reliable. I do personally wonder why either of these documents needed to be doctored at all if she really was pregnant. I suppose I understand the US so she couldn’t get harassed but now that she’s admitted it I guess I can’t understand why the original ultrasound can’t be produced to prove that? Out of curiosity I called my OBGYN from my 5 year old and they still had copies of his ultrasound!

    1. JustHearMeOut

      You’re able to call your OBGYN to get a 5 year old ultrasound, because you were actually pregnant and got an ultrasound.

      Extremely hard to request records when they dont exist, lol.

  4. jillian paris

    For the love of god, I read exactly what you wrote and there’s no other way it could have been interpreted – you were trying to claim that lawyers had been disbarred and even jailed as a result of your actions. Give it up for god’s sake, you’re so embarrassing.

  5. JustHearMeOut_YT aka @MarathonSleeper

    David, unblock me on twitter. I didnt even get a warning. I promise to no longer use CAPS for a sentence, and i will refrain from including inflammatory nouns and adjectives in my questions and responses.

    I just really enjoy debating, and i really really wanted to know your response to my question.

  6. JustHearMeOut_YT aka @marathonSleeper

    P.s. meant to say “please” unblock me on twitter above.

  7. Dr. X

    Lmao David Gingras blocks anyone who asks a question he can’t answer or has any kind of credentials. He blocked me for stating I’m a physician and even replied “0% chance you’re a physician” with no evidence I’m not lol. He didn’t even fact check this before making such an inflammatory and false claim, just like he doesn’t fact check many things he says. There are several of us doctors following (and laughing) at this case.

    1. fake babies

      this! he throws a temper tantrum when he someone proves him wrong or corrects him on his “misstatements” (veryyyy easy to do in this case as the evidence is clear as day).

  8. Dr. X

    Since you blocked me on Twitter for stating I’m a physician (LOL), I will ask my question here.

    Why didn’t you hire a medical expert with an active medical license? Yours is retired with no active license, and also violated HIPAA in his report by mentioning a patient’s name….

  9. Lonni

    You people are crazy if you think Gingras is going to answer a question seriously. He doesn’t have a sonogram answer, and does not want to provide an answer. To do so would admit his client lied to him and he’d have to leave the case. He wants the money, so he won’t answer that very simple question.

    1. Laura's new victim

      he is ALLL about the smoke & mirrors! never ever ever seen a lawyer behave this way and asked my sister who is a prosecutor in AZ and said he is known for this behavior. wild that he is bold enough to behave this way, esp with history with minors!

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