LO v. CE – Now What? Some Thoughts

If asked to describe the trial in one word (ish): anti-climax.

Sorry…that’s terrible. I suck at humor. I know this.

Moving on, I am guessing everyone has the same main thoughts. Here are mine:

1.) Two hours for the trial was fucking bullshit. Nowhere even close to enough time to have a meaningful exploration of the story. Didn’t have time to talk to Clayton. No closing. Nada. It was like a New Year’s Eve party that lasted from 8-10 PM. Who does that?

2.) The lack of time cut both ways. It unquestionably hurt both sides.

My personal biased view aside, the lack of time hurt Clayton’s side WAY more than it hurt ours. Our story was short and fairly basic. Did I get a chance to cover everything? Not even close. But we covered enough, and sometimes that’s all you need.

By comparison, Clayton’s approach was (and has always been) to try and drag WAAAAAAAAAY too much extraneous BS into the case. I don’t personally fault him for this. If he only limited our story to things that happened between May–Nov. 2023, this story is nowhere near as interesting. And boring stories don’t sell very well.

In my experience, simpler is almost ALWAYS better. Then again, Clayton’s efforts to expand the case may have been a goldmine for YouTubers making sweet SuperChat cheddar off each new video. Legally, throwing so much irrelevant dirt out there was a big, big tactical mistake (in my personal opinion).

My rule – if a story requires more than 10-15 seconds to present, you risk losing your audience. ALWAYS keep it simple. Go back to basics. That is more or less the approach I tried to use today (and for the record – I had about 100 pages of questions ready for everyone who did not testify….which I promptly threw out the window once the judge made it clear how little time we had).

3.) As a lawyer who has done this for 20+ years, my view is Laura is an outstanding witness. Given the pressure she was under, I couldn’t have asked her to do any better. Yes, the audience chuckle (GFY) seriously hurt Laura. But I am beyond proud of Laura for what she did today.

4.) My #1 thing is that I always, always, always want to get to the truth. Woodnick and Deandra clearly don’t share that view. This is just my personal opinion, but I feel they couldn’t care less about the truth, and that’s a shame.

5.) This really isn’t the time or place to air all my grievances, but let me give you one example of conduct that I feel is way across the line — Laura admitted that when she got the 102 HCG test from October 16, she knew it was bad news because it meant the pregnancy was in the process of ending (if it hadn’t already ended; it’s impossible to know for sure). In a moment of panic, she doctored the test to change the reading to 130,000 (or whatever), and she sent that to Mr. Neal because she thought it might shut him up.

Everyone SLAMS Laura for doing this, but not me. I compare it to this story from earlier this year where Princess Kate Middleton released a photoshopped image of her family after she had mysteriously dropped out of public view. She went missing because she was diagnosed with cancer, and she released a doctored photo as a way of trying to distract from that. The ruse worked for about 2 seconds before she was called out.

Laura’s 130,000 (or whatever) HCG test was done for a similar purpose. Laura ONLY sent that to folks like Dave Neal. She NEVER used it in court, and she didn’t fake the document for any malicious or nefarious purpose. She was just trying to regain some privacy (and yes, it was a DUMB way to do it). Seriously – Kate Middleton has a huge PR machine behind her, and she made the same mistake. Different, but the same.

My point is that Deandra dishonestly (in my opinion) tried to misrepresent the facts by claiming that Laura doctored the 130,000 (or whatever) HCG test twice.


What happened is that when Deandra first asked Laura about the test (which originally said 102 on the genuine document), Laura said she changed it to something MUCH higher….and she threw out a figure like 102,000 (which makes sense). Deandra then showed her the actual (fake) document which clearly said a different number: 131902.

ANYONE who was following along understands exactly what happened — when Laura was asked to describe the fake version of the document, she didn’t have it in front of her. Based on her memory, she admitted changing it to a MUCH higher number (which is true). Laura said something like 102,000 (makes sense, given the true number was 102), but the actual figure on the document was 131902. Did Laura LIE? PERJURY! NO – Laura simply didn’t remember the exact figure (why would she, with everything else running through her mind?)

Deandra tried to twist that minor slip of memory to make it look like Laura created TWO versions of the fake document — one that said 102,000 and one that said 131902. Deandra must have repeated that dramatic point 3, 4, maybe 5 times.

But Deandra knew there were NOT two different versions of that document. She knew that for a fact (she knew this because there IS no version that says 102,000; if you have one, show it to me and I’ll apologize and buy you nachos).

Maybe in Deandra’s mind, trying to take advantage of a small mistake like this is fair game. I don’t agree….AT ALL. In my view, it’s dishonest. It’s trying to present a false impression that you KNOW is false.

But the truth is, ethically compromised lawyers ARE part of this profession….which is exactly why I refuse to walk away from this line of work. Because I want to do everything I can to help bring the truth to light, even if (and especially because) there are people like Deandra and Gregg out there trying to do the exact opposite.

6.) Dr. Medchill had a LOT more to say, but due to the time constraints, we had to limit his comments to only the stuff that mattered. And at the end of the day, Dr. Medchill told me over and over and over his view is exactly what he said — Laura WAS pregnant. NO QUESTION. She got pregnant, and the pregnancy failed….pretty early on. We can’t know exactly when, but every single data point we have lines up with that narrative. The ONLY data points that don’t line up are things that we know aren’t genuine (like the 131902 HCG reading). The PP sonogram isn’t part of that analysis because, as we all know, it can’t be verified…so we just don’t consider it.

But as for the objective facts we DO know are genuine, they ALL support Laura’s story. ALL of them. Literally every single one.

7.) Dr. Medchill had NO bias in this case. He never met Laura or her family prior to this case, and he wasn’t doing anyone a favor (he was not a friend of a friend of Laura’s family, or anything like that). He was paid for his time, and we disclosed EVERY detail of this to Woodnick without him even asking for it. Because transparency is important.

8.) At the end of the day, I am not going to make any predictions about how the court will rule. Once we get the ruling, I *might* offer some views about it….or I might not.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again — if I believe the court made a decision that’s legally incorrect, we will pursue an appeal. But because I don’t know what the judge is going to do, I’m not going to speculate about what the future looks like.

9.) Yes, Laura was upset when the audience laughed at her. I can’t believe how strong Laura was to sit there with a courtroom full of people just projecting HATE HATE HATE towards her. Laura is SUCH a good person….she just has been so unfairly portrayed in all this. I’ve gotten to know Laura extremely well over the last 2 21/2 months. She is nothing like what people think.

I also don’t think today was the cakewalk Clayton expected. When the trial ended, Clayton sat at his table looking like he was about to cry (he didn’t). On my way out the door, I did wish him well, and he returned the comment.

The fact is that trials are emotionally brutal for ALL parties. That’s why it’s called a TRIAL – because the experience is extremely difficult (a/k/a “trying”) for everyone.

10.) I didn’t have an opportunity to make a closing argument, so I’ll end this post with a few final thoughts.

Legal issues and arguments aside, my personal view is that BOTH Clayton and Laura need to learn from this. Move on to become better people. BOTH OF THEM.

BOTH of them made mistakes. BOTH of them did things they shouldn’t have. BOTH of them need to remember — to err is human, to forgive is divine.

SO, KIDS — stop fighting. You don’t have to kiss and make up, but Jesus — can’t you just let this go? (And that’s mostly a question for Clayton, since Laura tried to let this go 6 months ago).

Clayton and Laura are still both young. Laura (like any woman would) wants to have a family. She wants to be loved. She wants to be happy. I’m sure Clayton does, too.

We outsiders should not be focused on how to destroy either of them. We should focus on how we can help lift them both up, guiding them to be better people. No person is beyond salvation. Don’t care what they did yesterday. The question is – what will they do tomorrow?

At the end of the day, as everyone knows, I am a seriously imperfect person. All sorts of mistakes, many of which were WAY worse than anything Laura or Clayton did here.

But I learned from my mistakes. I OWNED THEM. I still own them. And I’ve grown, and moved on. And I’m proud of that fact.

One of the most powerful things any human can do is to accept your own flaws. Don’t fear them. USE THEM. Use your mistakes as a ladder you can climb up, not as an anchor that defines you and ties you to your past mistakes.

Make a mistake. Own it. Get up. Dust yourself off.  Apologize (and mean it).  Then move on…..and DON’T DO IT AGAIN.

Once this case is finally closed, the debate about whether justice was served will always linger. A court can rule that Laura was never pregnant, just like a court can say OJ Simpson didn’t murder his wife. Courts are funny like that. Everyone in the legal system tries their best to find the truth (well, most of us do). In the end, sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail.

But we always keep trying.

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  1. Disgruntled Troll

    Your inability to admit that today was a massive failure for you and for your client shows just how perfect the two of you are for each other as attorney & client. You’re truly a match made in hell.

    Have a great time on your vacation with all of the money you’ve siphoned from the Owens family!

    1. BumpBumpBump

      Gingras goes on and on what a good person LO is but then in a very telling (about his character) email to YouTuber Dave Neal Gingras said whether LO wins or loses this case he will move on and sleep great at night.. This case isn’t about LO being harassed (she’s not) and bullied (she’s not) by the ‘JFC’ supporters.. it’s about him winning and by winning I don’t mean this case .. I mean the notoriety he can get from it! And the butt loads of money he’s raking in is definitely a bonus! Enjoy the cruise Mr Gingras with all of your friends and family whoever these poor souls are.. At least there’s booze they can numb themselves with..

    2. paul sexton

      He seems blind to the very real possibility that if the outcome is not to Jane doe’s liking she may well decide to come after him. Perhaps claim she is a vulnerable adult suffering from serious psychiatric disease who has been taken advantage of by a lawyer that should have explained her story simply is not believable and it will never work so she should cash in her chips while the cashing is good. She may claim he failed in his obligation to a vulnerable adult.

      And sue him.

      Karma dude.

      1. Same As Last Time

        Yes. This is a perfect Karma inspired FAFO.

    3. paul sexton

      I have not seen any actual physical evidence by an independent party that examined her while she was pregnant.
      Did I miss anything? All the stuff I have seen is stuff she peed on or bleed on or into.

      Did anyone physical examine her, ultrasound her, take blood from her themselves? Have these people spoken up? At all?

  2. Robert

    Your own court submissions said 102,000. When it happened, we all questioned why you got the number wrong. There was no correction and your client is known to falsify medical documents. Why is it on everyone else to assume there are only 2 versions when your story, plus Dave Neal’s image, plus the real image adds up to 3 versions and not 2?
    She fabricates medical documents and sends them out haphazardly, expecting to never be found out.

  3. Dingas GringASS

    Hey Dingas, I have seen the 102,000 fabricated hcg test. You ADMITTED in your tweet she changed it to 102,000 or where you making up more evidence for your client?

    1. Jami

      If the pregnancy loss happened very early on, how did her bump get so large? And where was the large bump during the riding competitions?

      Not sure if you know this… but women don’t typically show until their second trimester. And her bump was massive.

      1. A follower

        And a bump that size wouldn’t have the fetus just absorb back into her body. She would have been feeling kicks at that size and would have had to have a delivery plus a post partum recovery!

  4. Beth

    She sent the doctored hCG test to Clayton, the man she was faking the pregnancy to.

    1. paul sexton

      I am a single man so I have no clue, but if correct this is evidence that at least some claims were never even believable or even POSSIBLE, and that any lawyer doing a minimum due diligence would know this and have told the client to drop it.

      Instead, she might be willing to now claim HE took advantage of her.

  5. Mia

    “One of the most powerful things any human can do is to accept your own flaws.” TELL THAT TO YOUR OWN LYING CLIENT!

    Laura was never pregnant and that much is crystal clear. You/Laura got destroyed by Deandra and Gregg Woodnick so take the L. FYI – this case has nothing to do with Donald Trump/OJ Simpson or any other inflammatory cases you try to rope into it. Nice try, but it’s embarrassing. My prediction? You have several bar complaints coming your way, that are well deserved. You probably should have done what Laura’s 13 other attorneys did – hit the road to preserve your law license. You actually did more damage to her case and exposed more of her lies, so thank you for that.

  6. Thank you Gringas


    1. Jessica

      Take the L. Woodnick was so good I could hardly believe it.

  7. Beth

    And if Laura wanted to let it go 6 months ago – why not comply with the judge’s order to produce her medical records? Why not give the fake name that she supposedly used at the now LA County Planned Parenthood where she says she received the only ultrasound of her entire unknown length pregnancy? We all know why she didn’t. There is no legit ultrasound. There was no pregnancy.

  8. LegalBeagle

    David, enjoy your vacation. You earned it with this debacle. Clarification request, you made great hay about the HCG alterations….one or two, she still did it….whatever. My question is which Planned Parenthood Laura visited in LA and why did she choose to initially state she went to others up to the point of trial? What fake name was allegedly used? That would have been a great way for her to clear her name, don’t you agree? Seems like a fairly straightforward tactic as you indicated.

    What are Laura’s plans now? You indicated your intention to sue Dave and sundry for millions. Is the lawsuit forthcoming?

    1. Tedtalks

      Planned Parenthood isn’t even open on Sundays in LA. Guess what day July 2nd, 2023 was? That’s right, Laura yet again committed perjury

  9. Robert

    Laura: The PP sonogram does exist! It’s in LA!

    An actual lawyer: Laura, you did so well today


    1. Robert

      Oh, your site doesn’t support emojis. Ignore the “????”

  10. Meg

    I would love to have a beer one day and hear why you trashed your reputation and possibly your career for someone who is clearly lying and in need of mental health support more than a court win. I’ve tried to figure it out multiple times, and every time I think I understand your tactic, you do something to blow my theory out of the water.
    Enjoy your vaca…

    1. She’s Commin For Ya

      If LO was willing to launch such horrific allegations against Woodnick I’ll be curious to see what she accuses this dude of?? We will wait with baited breath.. Cuz that’s something I could support her on!

      1. Jill

        So true.

  11. BC

    Um… your client admitted to lying in court on 11/2 (which you didn’t even know was a thing) AND in her deposition and has now changed her story AGAIN to getting the u/s at PP *Los Angeles* under a *fake name* (instead of anonymously). Somehow that was missing in your summary. Forgive us if we think that those lies are much more relevant than Deandra saying 102k…especially since YOU YOURSELF were the one who PUBLICLY ADMITTED that Laura faked an HCG test to say 102k. https://x.com/DavidSGingras/status/1793742615260942647

    1. NP

      and July 2 was a Sunday. No PP’s in Los Angeles are open on Sundays.

    2. Lspaulding2001@yahoo.com

      You belong with the bottom barrel scum prosecutors of Canton mass. Rediculous prosecutors in MASSACHUSETTS who are a joke get in line!

  12. Alice

    David, are you able to explain how Laura went to PP in Los Angeles County on July 2 when NO Planned Parenthoods in L.A. County are open on Sundays? Under oath, she changed her original testimony from Mission Viejo and testified, under oath today, she went to PP in Los Angeles County. That is not possible. Why did she wait until the day of the trial to change her story? Along with changing her prior testimony, under oath, she said she went anonymously to PP. She testified today, under oath, that she used a faked name. PP does NOT allow that. Planned Parenthood requires clients to bring proof of identity, citizenship, and residency to their visits. Are you able to clarify these points for us?

  13. BC

    If Laura didn’t know that a 102 HCG test meant that she no longer had a viable pregnancy (because she then faked a record to send to Dave Neal), why did she go on three more times in court after getting those results/faking that document saying she was 100% pregnant (and 24 weeks’ pregnant on 11/2)? We don’t care that she sent a faked thing to Dave Neal — it’s the whole lying under oath part that pisses off most people (and most judges, I presume).

    I wish you could have convinced your client to just get that PP ultrasound that is sitting in Planned Parenthood Los Angeles under a fake name so that you could have won this case in 2 minutes. You’re either willfully ignorant, trolling us, or a really bad lawyer (if you can’t convince your client to do such an easy, self-serving thing).

  14. Joanne

    Opposing counsel is the Gold Standard for ethics. You, sir, are completely unethical for attempting to LIBEL and Attack opposing counsel in your motions (which were all denied) and in court today. You have no respect for Law and no respect for decent courtroom decorum. And you are trying to lecture everyone on Kindness??? Have you issued a FULL apology to those YOU unleashed harm upon? And writing about their obituaries? And calling them all sorts of names that only a petulant child would say? Have you apologized, with kindness, to all of them? IF not, your words are meaningless. All you are showing us is: “Do what I say, Not as I do.” Walk the Walk if you are going to talk the talk. Stop being a hypocrite.

    1. Having the babies if I don’t hear back tomorrow!

      Yes to Joanne!!! I think he and LO LOST big time, her credibility is completely shot and I hope the judge does refer her to the DA for all her fraud. Why on earth would you allowed her to change her story YET AGAIN and say she went to PP in LA? She did herself no favors by arguing and n acting like a child in front of the judge. She’s 33 or 34 whatever. At that age I had a great career, one child and another on the way, and a husband of 6/7 years. She needs to get over herself, try to find a MEANINGFUL relationship not based on contracts, fake pregnancies or other maladies. I have not seen one commenter or YouTuber lawyer review, etc who thought your side did well at all. If this is an effort to save face, you failed. You peacock in these posts but don’t answer relevant questions and looked like a moron in court. All the best!

  15. Not an Idiot

    Hey ding dong. Check your 5/23 twit where you said and I quote, “100% true. Laura has admitted she panicked when her name got out, and she Photoshopped that 102,000 HCG test…”

    I won’t point out HOW her name got out, *ahem* she contacted a lot of press *coughcough* but maybe you should learn to STFU about cases, since your client has no credibility and YOUR SIDE put that number out in the world. Deandra made a mistake bc your client’s story changes nonstop.

    1. Kmoney

      I agree more time was needed for both sides, especially Clayton’s. If you still believe LO was pregnant though….I feel bad for you. There was never any intercourse and your client admits that to Clayton in her emails she sent him early on. You cannot get pregnant without intercourse in case you missed basic 6th grade biology. So for her to admit that in emails, then change her story to SA is disgusting behavior. If Clayton did SA her, then why did she beg him to date her and sleep with her in the emails? How did she know she was pregnant with twins (boy and girl) without ever seeing an OBGYN? There’s too many lies from Laura and the judge will see this. She went to PP in LA? On July 2nd? But they are closed on Sundays. See what happens when you continually lie Laura? Eventually you get caught.

    2. KikiKikiKiki

      The funny part of Dingas defense of LO is he’s trying to defend an already admitted doctored document! :-/ What the heck?!?!

  16. Alex

    Also your client accused CE of r***. If you believed her, you wouldn’t be telling her, “can’t you just let it go.” And if you don’t believe her, then you wouldn’t be telling CE to “just let it go.”

  17. Just a joke

    Did anyone notice she said she doesn’t get a period? That means she doesn’t ovulate. VERY impressive she can get pregnant with twins 4 times.

    Talk about ethics…how about you signaling all sorts of things to Laura? So much so that Deandra had to block you. That’s pathetic.

    Your client knows nothing about learning from past mistakes..as evidenced by the three men sitting in that court room today. BTW how’d that 911 call go for you?

  18. Karen

    All she had to do was provide her actual medical records from PP. That’s it. She could have obtained copies (under the fake name she gave them) to prove her pregnancy. That was all that was needed. Case closed. She failed to that.

  19. Becky

    Not sure I have agreed with you on too many things but definitely agree with many things in this particular post. It was a disservice to you, opposing counsel, both individuals and the audience (not that they should matter) that this case was only allowed 2 hours. The lawyers being so rushed did not allow their best work, IMO though I think you did well considering the allotted time. I would have liked to see you cross exam Clayton and was also interested in what your third witness could have contributed. I think hearing from the other 2 gentleman (including your cross) would have played a big role.

    I agree DeAndre was rough. The scenario you it’s confusing now that I’ve seen some different posts, but during the case I kind of had the same thoughts as you. At the same time. I think she does a good job in that lawyers are supposed to be somewhat intimidating…but that specific scenario I disagreed with. I’m not sure I would go as far as calling Karen unethical. That is just her personal tactic. Just like you posting so many documents on x and your blog is your tactic.

    Anyways, I can’t say I walked away. Feeling confident about what the judge might do. I can see it go anyway.

    My main question from the hearing is this. Laura made it clear, she believed that any HCG reading above 4 meant that she was pregnant. This would be believable to me, except that if she really believed that then why wouldn’t she have just sent the 102 HCG test to the media to prove she was pregnant. Having to alter it to such a higher number, in my mind makes it clear that she had doubts that the 102 meant she was actually pregnant.

    Similarly, I can actually understand her lie about planned Parenthood. Meaning that she changed the ultrasound so that Clayton wouldn’t know where she got it done. However, once it got this far and that clearly wasn’t a factor, why wouldn’t she have just gone back to planned Parenthood and received a copy of her ultrasound with the name that she used. Or provided that information?

    1. Jill

      Why do you think it’s credible that she didn’t want Clayton to know where she had the ultrasound done? What did she think he was going to do? Had he harassed or contacted medical professionals before? She knows they can’t give out any information without a HIPAA release, and even if they could, it would just be the sonogram that she’d already sent to him as PP weren’t treating her for anything else. Her actions make no sense.

    2. Jill

      Just out of interest, on what basis do you understand her lie about PP, so Clayton wouldn’t know where she had it done? What could be lost or gained by him knowing? They couldn’t release any information to him. LO knows all about HIPPA cause this isn’t her first rodeo. Also, if she could just use a fake name to throw him off the trail, then why didn’t she go closer to home rather than drive hundreds of miles? But, if she was going to drive hundreds of miles, then why bother with the fake name? Make it make sense.

      1. Becky

        Hi Jill – what I meant is that in a NORMAL situation I could understand a person getting pregnant by someone they are “fearful” of and lying to them about where they got the ultrasound from to avoid them being in their business but like I mentioned…once it got this far (especially after it was discovered to be doctored) there would be no purpose in hiding that information. In fact, in this situation where the big issue is her being accused of faking pregnancy there would be literally 0 reason to continue hiding that information……….. Unless you actually were faking it……so…..

  20. Shut the fuck up

    Just, shut the actual fuck up

    1. Jaime


    2. Jill

      Well said. Shame he didn’t have more to say in court though. Dave is the Connor Mcgregor of keyboard warriors only ????

  21. Erin

    Why didn’t Laura just get the ultrasound from planned parenthood in L.A. ?? lol this whole court case would’ve been over within 30 seconds.

    Oh that’s right…. That’s because there is no ultrasound , because she was NEVER PREGNANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jaime

    Don’t compare Laura freaking Owen’s to Princess Kate Middleton who ACTUALLY IS SUFFERING FROM A CANCER DIAGNOSIS WHILE BEING A WIFE AND MOTHER TO ACTUAL CHILDREN. Laura and Princess Kate don’t belong on the same planet, let alone in a comparison to.each other. Seriously, Gingras? Your comparisons need major work.

    I will give you credit.. your joke actually made me laugh out loud. I got it. Maybe change professions.. become a comedian. I think you might be much more successful!

  23. Nathan

    They thought there was a 102,000 version of that document because YOU said there was one on twitter.
    I know you weren’t lying – you were just confused.
    Don’t expect Deandra to know that if you didn’t, though.

    1. Nathan

      Still, I thought it was a great moment when Laura said “No, I only doctored it once.”

      Your lie that the PP Sonogram was never submitted to the court is a much bigger deal, though.
      You didn’t notice she used it in Clayton’s deposition?

  24. “David Gingras, your conduct throughout this case has been highly unprofessional. Coaching your client to respond specifically during the trial was a clear breach of professional ethics. The judge rightfully addressed your client’s hostile behavior on the stand. What compounded her situation were fraudulent documents and additional perjury. I was relieved when Woodnick asked Dr. Dean if she gave your client (what you post is what Laura posts) permission to post her expert report on social media, and Dr. Dean’s response confirmed that she did not. Whether through the court or higher authorities, accountability is warranted.”
    “Going against court orders is a serious matter, and I’m puzzled as to why you would risk your law license for someone you’ve already acknowledged lied. Allowing her to make further perjury statements compounds the situation.”

  25. “David Gingras, your conduct throughout this case has been highly unprofessional. Coaching your client to respond specifically during the trial was a clear breach of professional ethics. The judge rightfully addressed your client’s hostile behavior on the stand. What compounded her situation were fraudulent documents and additional perjury. I was relieved when Woodnick asked Dr. Dean if she gave your client (what you post is what Laura posts) permission to post her expert report on social media, and Dr. Dean’s response confirmed that she did not. Whether through the court or higher authorities, accountability is warranted.”
    “Going against court orders is a serious matter, and I’m puzzled as to why you would risk your law license for someone you’ve already acknowledged lied. Allowing her to make further perjury statements compounds the situation.”

  26. Ashamed of you

    Can you please explain why, as an attorney and officer of the court, you are posting a link to gfy.com, a website that is a forum for the webmasters of adult/porn websites, on your professional blog? Do you really think that is professional conduct? C’mon man. Seriously?! I thought your days representing thedirty.com were behind you…

  27. Tom Bant

    Laura has not once fully owned her mistakes, so you used a lot of words to say absolutely nothing.

  28. Crashintome


    A few things here:

    1. You’re quick to try to discredit Deandra and make it seem like she’s dishonest. In fact, it was by your own reporting on Twitter where you said “ 100% true. Laura has admitted she panicked when her name got out, and she Photoshopped that 102,000 HCG test which she sent to bloggers in an effort to quiet them down.” Those are your own words. Not Deandra’s, not Woodnick’s, no one else made up that number. That number came from you. Not a good look to be pointing the finger at them when you should be pointing it at yourself.

    2. Your client said, under oath, she does not get a period. I find it curious in some of your filings that you state that Laura’s period returned in November, confirming her pregnancy was no longer viable. If she doesn’t get a period, it would be odd for it to just randomly return in November, would it not?

    3. Do you know the odds of getting pregnant without intercourse? I do, so I’ll tell you. It’s around 0.8% and that’s in healthy women with no gynecological problems. Laura self claims she has PCOS. Do you know that around 80% of women with PCOS struggle with infertility? Did you know that if she has amenorrhea (no periods) due to hormone imbalance from PCOS, the likelihood of her ovulating is slim? Dr. Medchill testified, under oath, that “dribbling” can get a woman pregnant. Do you know what the odds of a woman with amenorrhea and PCOS, who never had sex, are getting pregnant from “dribbling”? I’ll let you figure that one out but let’s just say an immaculate conception would be more likely.

    4. And finally, since you seem dead set on the answer to the question as to if Laura would test negative in November if she was taking something to alter her pregnancy tests or had a medical condition. The real easy answer here is absolutely, yes. You can stop a medication or hormone treatment at any time. Stopping a medication or self injection could render a negative test result at any point that she wanted that to happen. Also, to counter Dr. Medchill, HCG injections do not have to come from a doctor. Women all over donate or sell leftover HCG they didn’t finish from their fertility treatments to other women who can’t afford them or are looking for help conceiving. You can even find these on Facebook marketplace. It wouldn’t be hard for Laura to find if she really wanted to inject herself.

    I’m happy to go on about all of the biological “misstatements” made by you and your client but I hope this provides some insight into just a few.

    I wish you both luck on winning your case.

  29. Steve Bartman

    I think this will go in your favor honestly, the judge will surely see your client just made one tiny mistake of not showing up to that doctor’s appointment to get the proof needed here. Surely the judge will be able to leap to the conclusion the results of that visit would confirm everything.

  30. Crashintome

    Oh, I think we should also point out her new “misstatement” about never having a negative pregnancy test, again, under oath. I take you back to her very first public Medium post where your client wrote the following exact words “On May 31st, I had a pregnancy test done prior to a medical test. It was negative. I was still concerned I was pregnant since again, I wasn’t on birth control, and bought a pregnancy test the next day. On June 1st, I tested positive. I knew Clayton wouldn’t believe me, so I decided to go to urgent care to get a test done. I figured he would believe it if there was official medical documentation.” So in court, she testified that she tested positive on the night of May 31st but on her very own blog post, she wrote she tested negative on 5/31 and that it wasn’t until the NEXT day that she took a new test. So many lies, she just can’t keep her story straight. It’s a good thing the internet is forever though (despite her trying to delete this article).

    I’ll also tell you one more thing. I’ve been an OB for many years now and a woman NEVER forgets when she miscarries. She doesn’t confuse the date. She doesn’t backtrack. She doesn’t confuse the months she passed “fleshy objects” (which are actually factually irrelevant to this case). You never forget a miscarriage. Ever.

    1. Rosie

      This makes me wonder if after the negative test on May 31st, she did something to ensure the next test would be positive- like an HCG shot or something- then tested the next morning which was positive. Otherwise, no normal person who DIDN’T have penetrative sex would get a negative test AT THE DOCTOR, then run home to buy an OTC pregnancy test. It’s deeply concerning that he (Gingras) actually believes the lies spewing from her mouth- AND CONTINUES TO DEFEND THOSE LIES. It’s literally like he’s denying reality and trying to gaslight the entire world. It’s truly baffling. This must be how he defends most cases.

  31. Dee

    An ethical lawyer would have reviewed the facts in this case and would not have taken it on. You will become a laughing stock in your profession. I sincerely hope this is referred to the DA for criminal charges after what Owens has done to these men. Good for Clayton for not letting it go!

  32. Jill

    Seriously David, it’s not only humour you suck at, you suck at lawyering and writing. Simpler is always best in writing too, the best writing is short and to the point, not flowery and rambling. Anywhooo, about the trial – it wasn’t an anti climax for me, I felt some really important facts were established and that Laura was obliterated by Deandra. Your gestures to her were out of order and if you have to coach a witness like that, while they’re on the stand, they’re likely not telling the truth. Also, you don’t seem shy about motions, if you thought two hours wasn’t enough then why didn’t you file one for more time? Now please sail off into the sunset of Europe (no idea why we need that particular brag) and remember, next time you try to threaten anyone involved in this case with your Connor Mcgregor lawyering, that we’ve all seen how you behave when not behind a keyboard, calling 911 on Mike and being pretty passive in court. You’re all bluster David.

  33. Immaculate_BJ

    What a pathetic performance from Dingus. Now we know why you resort to being an internet bully. You suck at actual lawyering, like truly abysmal at your job. Woodnick took you to the Woodshed.

    What was with all the hand signals to coach Laura? What a sad display that was. IF you coached Laura to lie, or even to downplay her previous lies (I believe she said these were “minor”, which were also your words previously), that is a breach of ethics. I’m sure Laura knows this and the second she loses (which is inevitable), she is filing a bar complaint against you.

    You now know what the rest of the world already knew. Laura is a serial liar who faked a pregnancy in an attempt to coerce Clayton into dating her. It’s obvious. If she really was pregnant, it’s an easy case. You need one witness – the OBGYN who examined her. But you could not produce said witness because Laura never went to an OBGYN nor got an ultrasound. Speaking of…did Laura concoct her new lie on the stand or did you coach her to do it? She is now claiming she had an ultrasound at Planned Parenthood in LA County on July 2, 2023 (nope, closed on Sunday) using a fake name (also nope – need an ID). So she either lied on the stand or you didn’t provide discovery. Which is it? Remember when you promised to resign if it was proven that Laura lied? Well now we know that both you and her are habitual liars.

    I once got caught up with a woman who behaved EXACTLY like Laura…manipulative, constant liar, thinks she is the center of the universe. Her behavior is better now that she is in therapy but most importantly, she is medicated. This is what Laura needs. What she absolutely doesn’t need is you stringing her along, making her believe that she will somehow come out of this looking good. That ship sailed a long time ago. This case is a loser and you know it. Instead of helping to get Laura the help she needs, you are basically just taking money from a mentally ill person. What of the ethics of that?

    1. Tannis

      completely agree with everything you said! woodnick took him to the woodshed! such a king! it was SO satisfying to watch deandra and woodnick go through everything and catch laura in multiple lies with EASE. whereas gringas was stumbling and waving his arms around like a loon. COMEDY!!! i truly felt like i was watching a lifetime movie and saw justice! all of the lawyers who watched the livestream agree that she will be referred to the DA for fraud. glad we are on the right side of history on this one! except for gingras.

  34. Beth

    “(she knew this because there IS no version that says 102,000; if you have one, show it to me and I’ll apologize and buy you nachos).”

    But YOU saw it didn’t you? Why did you tweet 102,000 if you didn’t see it on a document? Did you and Laura have the exact same lapse in memory and pull the exact same figure out of thin air? Do you have a lot going on, David, that you cant keep the facts straight for your client?

    Did she get that number from you and now you are blaming Laura for getting it wrong when it was your fault? Jeezo, my man, that’s pretty bad! You really failed her here if that was the case, don’t you think?

    Either you need to apologise to Laura or buy yourself some Nachos because either you fucked up or you saw a version of that document yourself.

  35. Elle_SB

    In my personal opinion, this is THE most disingenuous of ALL your statements related to this case.

  36. Ivy

    This is so exhausting. If this is so simple as you claim, show us the PP sonogram upon which the entire pregnancy/twins claim is depending on and which would exonerate her in 2 seconds. Did she tell YOU about this third location it’s now from? OK so if it was in LA, call THAT location! If she took a pic on her phone of the screen, find the phone pic! If she edited it in Adobe, find the original version in the document history! If she went under the fake name Fanny McDoodletits, show us the image under the fake name! Like its just comical. She needs to take your advice and just come clean and admit she made it up. I’m sure she is a good and lovely person who is just struggling with some major mental illness issues. You really should stop giving credibility to her distorted reality and encourage her to get help. She absolutely deserves love and I hope she works on herself and can get to a place where she can have a healthy relationship.

    PS, did you really just equate her situation to Kate Middleton who has REAL cancer? Gross. Of all of LO’s antics the fake cancer might have been the lowest. Although sorry I guess that was the time traveling hacker Greg Gillespie who was responsible for that, my bad.

    Please Laura just get help, put on some weight, and go contribute to the world.

  37. Beth

    I agree that it is time for both parties to move on. Will you allow that? Will you and Laura file additional lawsuits? If you truly mean “stop fighting” and “let it go” then that means you will stop ongoing litigation. I have never known anyone who has filed as many lawsuits as Laura. She is squandering her inheritance. It is time for her to stop the madness and move on. I hope you will help her do that.

  38. Lying Liars

    “Love is stronger than hate!” – the man who said he “LOOKED FORWARD to reading dave’s OBITUARY” and bragged about making people who opposed him “homeless” on the day of his baby shower…So much love there, GINGRAS. you WILL get the karma you deserve, as well as many sanctions and bar complaints to add to your not-so-great record. i understand wanting to defend your client, but posting immature and threatening blogs to people who are simply covering the case is against the VERY THING YOU STAND FOR. it seems like you have some sort of arrested development and throw tantrums just like your immature client. to end, love is stronger than hate and we have proven that with all the support of laura’s many victims. you have shown nothing but hate and vitriol and it will come back to you. i hope you learn from this.

  39. Remy Roquebert

    You need to look at yourself more closely. Why would an officer of the court subject people to this ridiculous, non-sensical profanity-laced monologue? Lawyers are supposed to be held to a higher standard. Perhaps your practice is desperate enough to accept a client like this without proper scrutiny. If so, I suggest you pick another career path. It’s probably not too late.

  40. John


    Honestly, this has been a frustrating situation. You say Laura is ready to move on and yet continues to fabricate lies and blame everyone else for this mess. The reason that Clayton is moving forward with this trial is that Laura has not taken any responsibility for her mistakes.

    Dr. Medchill was a horrible witness. He reminded me of Dr. Lewis, an expert witness for Letecia Stauch, who also did minimal work to write a report. Greg did a fairly good job of showing this report was rubbish in the little time he had.

    The fact that Laura has not been honest about where she got the sonogram and continued to make it difficult for Clayton’s attorneys to prove she was pregnant shows she has no interest in resolving this mess amicably. Would she not win this case if she could prove without a reasonable doubt that she was pregnant? ” YOU LIE” when you say you are trying to get to the truth? I have to assume the reason that Laura does not want Clayton to find the sonogram is that it does not exist, right? Why be uncooperative if you truly were pregnant and had the sonogram done?

    Discounting all the information that is out there and judging based on this trial information only, Laura had no credibility and you failed to share your story in your 10-15 seconds of storytelling, maybe your audience requires more information.

    Good Luck

    1. Jill

      Anyone who truly has been pregnant and had suffered so many people doubting them would take great pleasure in waving that sonogram around from morning til night.

  41. TFunk

    I am sorry, what? Are we talking about the same Owens v Echard June 10th trial in AZ?

    LO’s hearing, deposition and trial testimony.

    The sonogram was performed at SMIL. Umm no, it was Planned Parenthood in Mission Viejo on July 2nd. Uh oh NOOO, It was Los Angeles July 7th.

    Yea, riiiight.

    She saw Dr. Higsby the Friday before her November hearing. Oh gosh no, she made the appointment but never attended. Dr. Higsby never EVER treated her pregnancy but she said it was just a minor lie, no biggie.

    Yea, riiiight.

    Big ole baby bump in late October, even though HCG was 102.

    Yea, riiiight.

    This is my fave: Greg G. hacked into her email to send Clayton a fake sonogram..

    Yea, riiiight.

    Get LO some help with a licensed professional. Anti-psychotic meds work wonders on people like her.

  42. TruthMatters

    For starters, I agree with a couple of points you’ve made here: 1- that the lack of time hindered both parties and more so Claytons and 2- that hopefully one day everyone can move on, grow and learn from this and those who lied can choose to NOT duplicate the bad behavior in the future. However, I’d be remiss to not also address how ironic, unprofessional and frankly gross it looks that you’ve decided to insult both Deandra & Woodnick’s character in your little blog post here by specifically claiming “they don’t care about the truth” but “you do”. It’s quite ironic to come from the counsel whose client has been caught doctoring medical evidence, lied on multiple occasions (under oath) as to what location she allegedly received a sonogram from, lied about having seen specific medical providers (who confirmed she did not see them & she only came clean about that once she was caught), lied about being “100% pregnant 24 weeks with twins” under oath in a November hearing, and with data having confirmed by an expert she also lied about and doctored medical records claiming to have Cancer (abhorrent & indefensible behavior). Meanwhile, Deandra & Woodnick’s client has not been caught it a single lie regarding this case (other than the RE offers which he immediately admitted to his counsel, boss and publicly). Other than that, single scenario that has no affect whatsoever on whether or not Laura was pregnant with his twins, you cannot point to a single time their client provably lied and *yet* you have the gall to claim the “they’re not interested in truth” and you somehow are. That doesn’t make a lot of logical sense, now does it? You can declare how much you care about truth as much as you like, it holds no weight when you constantly defend lies. In fact, that accusation toward your opposing counsel here actually feels like more of a subconscious confession. But hey, like you said, it’s never too late to change and grow. You too, can grow and change to one day become a lawyer the public looks at as honorable and not a self-righteous egotistical sleaze bag willing to defend clients who constantly lie under oath. All the best!

  43. Southern Charm

    Oh Gingras, bless your heart – “Bless your heart” is a phrase common to the Southern United States. The phrase has multiple meanings and is used to express genuine sympathy but sometimes as an insult that conveys condescension, derision, or contempt. It may also be spoken as a precursor to an insult to mitigate its severity.

  44. JD is a Lying Liar that Lies

    Some Questions for You!
    1. Did you ever ask your client what medical provider told her she was pregnant with twins?
    You do know that you cant just ‘believe’ you’re pregnant with twins, especially girl/boy twins, that takes a medical appointment.

    2. You said everything will come out in trial- the only new info offered was that JD also lied in her HIPPA release.
    She went to LA planned parenthood on a Sunday, July 2nd?
    Thats funny, because LA planned parenthoods are NOT OPEN SUNDAYS.

    3. Is it true you called the POLICE on MM??
    What was JD so scared about MM testifying about?
    I have a guess, his testimony would destroy her tedx lies about him.
    Then she will have to change her email signature!

  45. Jane

    Your client is a pathological liar at best, but more likely is a psychopath with borderline tendencies. Good luck with all that.

  46. HandSignals

    What’s with the hand signals to Laura. It looks like you were the catcher on a baseball team for awhile, until you got caught. The camera had a full shot of you. Very interesting to watch. I was trying to figure out if I could break your code. Maybe have to watch the video again to see if I can.

  47. All the Best!

    You might want to get your testosterone levels checked. Some symptoms of low testosterone in adults include:

    Depressed mood – You appear to have some major inferiority issues with your constant digs at certain groups of people (men smaller than you in height, developmentally disabled children, and women). Maybe you need to talk to a therapist as to why you need to conduct yourself in this manner? It’s definitely not normal for a grown man to behave as you have during this case.

    Difficulties with concentration and memory – I watched you in court yesterday and you appeared to have difficulty navigating the standard court technology. You also were quite fidgety with your glasses while you were attempting to cross examine. You also didn’t remember some key case details… Your time management skills appear to be lacking.

    Increased body fat – In photos of you online, you your face seems rounder and a lacking of a strong jawline.

    Enlarged male breast tissue (gynecomastia) – for you to consider.

    Decrease in muscle strength and mass – Well, unfortunately you had to stand near Clayton who is a professional athlete. I would say you appear to not have much muscular mass under your suit.

    Decrease in endurance – this seemed apparent during the trial.

    Irritability (See, your blogs and profound Twitter blocking)

    Erectile dysfunction (Unknown)

    Low sex drive – It appears your client may actually be infertile. It’s intriguing to me you’re the only man drawn to ruin their entire career and call the police on her behalf. Perhaps the natural warning signals that most men receive regarding your client are not processed by your brain as intended by nature?

    Side note: Please obtain some properly fitted glasses. It seemed your glasses did not fit well during the trial and you were constantly having to adjust them. Costco has great optical services for those without insurance. I’m going to assume you don’t since you are also rumored to not carry malpractice insurance.

  48. Let's be honest

    I was once embroiled in an infuriating, protracted legal mess with an adversary whose conduct was eerily and painfully identical to Laura’s. The attorney representing the other side was equally infuriating – a “Yes” man (despite mountains of evidence against his client) who was in the case for billable hours and notoriety – all under the guise of being a strong advocate and “truthseeker.” My adversary (with confirmed medical diagnoses of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Bipolar) cycled through attorneys faster than he changed his underwear – until he found this guy (who was willing to play along with the BS). Any of this sound familiar? I was totally frustrated by their antics, and my brilliant lawyer (rest his soul) said something I will never forget – “In the end, you always end up with the lawyer you deserve.” The parallels I’m seeing in this case are striking. Sir, you did not help your client, and your pontificating was/is a convenient (and transparent) ruse. I’ve been there and I recognize all of the screaming red flags. You perpetuated all of this by enabling your client where most others wouldn’t (and didn’t), and by doing so, you failed her – actually – you failed everyone involved, except yourself – to a limited extent. By the way, with my ETHICAL lawyer and the real truth on our side, we prevailed by a landslide, BUT hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of mental anguish were expended unnecessarily – all due to this adversarial counsel who was more than willing to enable/exploit a mentally ill person for his own agenda. Your plea to the litigants is insulting and patronizing. I would make the same plea to you – LET IT GO. You want to be deemed the Connor McGregor of litigation, but honestly, Sir, it’s giving opportunistic ambulance-chaser.

  49. Kaitlin

    If you were on the other side, defending Clayton against Laura- what would you have done differently? You’re a hard hitting, go getting, going to call you out for all of your lies, hold you 100% accountable, lawyer. A shark. That’s what I’ve understood from your comments about yourself …and honestly truly appreciate if true. I’d want that type of lawyer.

    If you had the evidence Woodnick did- verified lies against your client, dishonestly and very questionable behavior going back 8+ years, multiple other victims with very similar stories (proven by audio recordings, text messages, emails, etc- many of which were corroborated by a highly qualified expert)— would you not question Laura and go HARD on her?

    I completely disagree with your comments on Woodnick and Deandra. I think Deandra is the unsung hero here. To call out one comment – which she only questioned bc Laura identified the number as 102,000 (which was apparently not the number she was pressing her about- it was Laura that threw out a different number, making her question if there was a third doctored document)…that’s kinda weak, man.

    I honestly what to know- what would you have done differently?

  50. Daisy Hernandez

    If your client was truly BELIEVED she was pregnant, why all the hCG tests? Her alleged pregnancy could have been MEDICALLY confirmed with an ultrasound and/or vaginal exam. We know why she never had an in-person OB-GYN appointment because there was NO pregnancy. The threats against certain people who are exercising their 1st amendment rights make you and your client look worse than you already do. You had a job to do and while you may believe you “WON”, the shell game Laura plays with her lies have finally caught up with her and her enablers. Woodnick and his associates showed the world how real attorneys work. Judge Mata knows Laura Owens is a con woman.

  51. All the best

    After hearing a bit more about what happened with Mike, I can see why Laura didn’t want him to testify. I pray that both Mike and Greg can get justice. They need to be able to tell their stories and get their restraining orders removed. If Laura was a decent person she would admit all her lies and set everyone free, including herself. I do not know how she lives with herself after all she has done. She needs to admit her lies and get mental health treatment. I feel bad for her father and sister as I can imagine they feel bad for all that she has done. From what I’ve heard, her Mother may be as bad as Laura.

  52. Bennie the dog

    Poor Laura she doesn’t Even realize that from day one you have never really had her best interest in mind, for a woman who claims to have been victimized, whether perceived or true in some circumstance you have been her biggest victimizer. Hear me out ..this all would have never been talked about for all these months if you just told her to shut up and stay quiet and presented your evidence but all this extra troll shit was for your benefit IL and she didn’t even see it… For that reason alone I see her as vulnerable, your not dumb IL Malpractice ! Laura I urge you to see the big picture see the big picture You’ve been played , for real this time.. not perceived rejection and slight of love or control it whatever it is you want .. but just taken advantage of for real

    1. Jill

      You have absolutely nailed it. This man is so self serving. The ridiculous email he sent to Dave Neal with pic of him with Colin Farrel and one of him being filmed for a TV interview show that he’s a total pick-me boy! He wants fame even more than she wants love. But I guess like attracts like.

      1. Laura's new victim

        i think he has a crush on dave! it’s giving… “SEE MOM!!! i am A BIG-TIME LAWYER LIKE I TOLD YOU!” his overexplaining and pictures with celebrities (sooo strange) is all him trying to show that he is “a big deal”. he has like 2 stories and you just KNOW he repeats them to EVERYONE to try to get some respect, since he’s self conscious about his past. he really is a caricature of a lawyer and with everything he does, i can’t help but think it’s a big prank or MadTv sketch!!! truly a parody of a lawyer and that’s why he keeps making a fool of himself, he thinks the attention will give him more notoriety and he might get more cases but with one google, no one would hire him esp with his flailing baseball signals! woodnick slayeddddd!

        1. Justice for All

          I think I figured it out. IL had just booked a trip to Europe for the summer when suddenly this crazy client falls into his lap claiming she has a “HIGH PROFILE CASE”. IL is salivating because he is a clout chaser (as proven in his horrifically embarrassing email to Dave). He realized he could get his Europe trip funded by the Owens family and then maybe be FAMOUS in a documentary one day! SO self serving.

          1. fake babies

            little does he know…. laura is scheming to name him as her newest baby daddy, since he was her “rock” and they have hugged at least once!

  53. You are so cringe

    It’s embarrassing and cringe worthy how underwhelming your court performance was and the lengths you go to gaslight everyone that it was incredible. For someone so arrogant and vocal about their abilities to not even properly pace themselves to be able to cross CE is yikes. (Insert “but but but that was my plan//I didn’t need to cross CE//Conner Mcwhoever//Trump suck//im in France”)

    1. Jill

      Is Colin Farrell with him in France and is he being followed by a camera crew? Lol
      Tiny dick alert.

  54. You are so cringe

    Also, the email you sent to Dave…literally NOTHING has ever screamed SMALL DICK ENERGY so loudly for the whole world in the history of everrrrr. Like seriously, so much ew.

  55. Chris

    When Laura admits to her lies and owns them, I will then wish her well. Hopefully she gets the mental help that she needs. Clayton is evidently not the first but is hopefully the last man that has to deal with this woman’s strange need to force men into relationships. Her abuse of the legal system needs to stop.
    Your email to Dave Neal states you only take clients that don’t lie. What a joke! Your bragging email to him leaves me with two thoughts, you are a bully and you have a small _____. Can’t wait for you to lose this case!

  56. Laura Owens lies

    My favorite part was the judge yelling at LO for being a whiner and interrupting her. Good luck- the judge saw thru her lies and your terrible expert. EVERYONE knows she is a LIAR. Can’t wait for the documentary exposing the crazy. Can’t wait even more for the DA to get going with all LO’s FRAUD.

  57. Beth G

    “Laura (like any woman would) wants to have a family.”

    Yeah, not gonna happen. It would be possible if she would just come clean about her lies and get help. But until then, she’s simply too terrifying, unreliable, unpredictable, and, frankly, batshit for any man to want to take the risk of ever being with her. Methinks she’s gonna have to stick to being the crazy aunt.

  58. Jill

    So your client accuse someone of either r@ping her or she SAd them cause they were too high to give consent and the first thing you do is make a dirty joke about the trial? I think you were dropped on your head when you were a baby Gingras…but hey, you support a women’s right to choose – hooray for that little bit of self promotion when you were against the clock. You really are a very strange pick-me boy.

  59. Jane don't

    You knew this woman lied and then was going to lie AGAIN about Las Angeles and YOU PUT HER ON THE STAND KNOWING IT WAS ANOTHER LIE! That’s illegal dingus and your legal strategies might have lost you actual future clients. You weren’t prepared. You didn’t research anything. You didn’t prepare your client. You took the check cashed it and booked a trip during the case when you should have been doing research, then played “oh I don’t know any of that was before my time”. Then went to court played baseball umpire tricks to suade your client, gave a rediculous opening argument that had no bearing and wasted your time so you couldn’t even ask any other question. You failed horribly took the next check and booked a boat ride. Those are the very reasons I believe your a joke for the legal institution. Laura Owens is not victim. These 4 men are survivors and shame on you for comparing her to Princess Kate, that’s absurd.

  60. Your Mom

    LO is an entitled immature brat who has never TRULY worked a day in her life. Her little fit on the stand and all her lies on the stand do not bode well for her and you’re deluded if you think otherwise. There was a time I COULD HAVE felt sorry for her but no more. Her whole argumentative attitude was very off-putting. This is literally the easiest thing to prove. Have PP in LA send the US and boom! She wins! But she can’t because she never went bc she was never pregnant, yet she was BEGGING CE to date her after supposedly SA’ing her. Sure Jan, sure. It’s time for her to face the consequences of her actions. And it’s all HER doing. SHE went to the press. SHE altered / faked medical records. Girl bye.

  61. CantwaitfortheDoc

    Is there anyone that believes Laura? The documentary will be very interesting and entertaining. I wonder if they will find anyone on her side.

    1. Pearl


  62. Jen

    Can you please explain the very large baby bump in the late October trial? A

  63. Pauly

    Funny, he has enough time while on his wonderful French vacation to pick through and delete each comment about him being charged for sexually assaulting a minor.

  64. Lying Liars


    1. Jane Survivor


  65. Korie

    “Laura admitted that when she got the 102 HCG test from October 16, she knew it was bad news because it meant the pregnancy was in the process of ending (if it hadn’t already ended; it’s impossible to know for sure).” Of course it’s possible to know. You go to the hospital and get checked just like any normal human being would! Not show up in court weeks later with a larger belly pillow and lying AGAIN about having seen her doctor the Friday before! Absolutely NONE of what she has done makes sense! Id feel sorry for her if this was the first time, but THREE times she’s done this? “if you’ll date me I’ll kill our children BS. What does that??????

  66. Judgement Day

    Everyone is celebrating the judge’s ruling against a lying, selfish, entitled, narcissistic, serial fraudster who uses her excess free time (because she doesn’t have to work) to stalk, threaten, defame and destroys guys’ lives, because they reject her. On what planet are men attracted to a desperate, pathetic woman like Laura Owens? We all want to see Laura Owens prosecuted. Can’t wait for the documentary. I hope that Laura’s victims make the rounds on podcasts. I hope she is destroyed in the media to the same extent she destroyed these guy’s lives.

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