Let’s Talk About Lies – Part 1

Happy Friday to all….

If you’re reading this page, you know the Justice for Clayton crew and their “narrative”.  It goes like this: Laura MUST be lying about Clayton, because of the following points:

1.) Clayton says they never had sex (Laura says they did)

2.) Clayton says Laura has no medical records to back up her story (that one is a confirmed 100% lie; there are TONS of medical records to document Laura’s story, but that’s a post for another day)

3.) Clayton says Laura has “done this to other men” (this will be the subject of a future post, coming very shortly)

4.) Clayton says Laura faked a sonogram in THIS case, and also in the past (again, we’ll be talking about the real facts soon)

5.) Laura wore a fake “moon bump” in court

6.) Laura had a blood test on October 16, 2023 that showed HCG levels of 102, whereas in a normal pregnancy at that same stage, the levels should have been in a range between 1,400 – 53,000 (or even higher, if twins)

7.) Laura claimed to have a miscarriage, but never produced any proof (such as a fetal death certificate)

Now I know what the JFC haters will say: “Gingras, you big ugly idiot! You said you weren’t going to try this case in public. You are now contradicting yourself with all these posts! This shows you are a big fat LIAR! [insert crying emoji].

LOOK — I DO NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS CASE. And NO – I am making NO money from any social media or blog posts. Unlike the JFC crowd, I don’t make money from Google AdSense (THEY DO – which is why the word vomit keeps flowing from their side). I am literally not charging Laura even $1 for any of this PR effort. And trust me — at some future point, Laura is going to seek to recover all her legal fees from Clayton (and others), and when that happens, Laura will have to disclose all her legal bills (including mine). When that day comes, I’ll bet you $1,000,000 you won’t see a single charge for “blogging” or tweeting.

So while I wish this wasn’t the case, Clayton’s army can’t stop talking about Laura (again, they are doing it for one reason — to make money from views/clicks), and based on what I’ve seen, they are spreading LIE after LIE after LIE. In that situation, it would be malpractice for me to sit back and ignore those lies. That’s why I feel compelled to say something in response. That’s why I’m here.

Rather than pushing back with every detail of Laura’s side of the story, I am going to take a measured approach. Let’s not try to debunk EVERY detail of Clayton’s narrative in a single shot. Let’s just take this one step at a time.

For today’s lesson, I’m going to start with one of the easiest (and most offensive) lies — the “moon bump” thing. This has been mentioned A LOT, but the first time I saw it was in a pleading filed by Clayton’s lawyer, Gregg Woodnick on March 11, 2024 (this was Clayton’s Motion to Compel). You’ve seen it, but let’s refresh what Gregg told the court:

When I first heard this claim, I have to be honest — it really, really worried me. That is some seriously crazy shit to say about someone. This lady (who I am supposed to be defending) showed up in court wearing a fake pregnant stomach? The conclusion is obvious — if Laura actually did that, she must be a stark, raving lunatic. Totally insane. And that’s exactly the purpose of this LIE — to make you think Laura IS crazy. Because you NEED to believe Laura is crazy if you want Clayton to get justice.

So is she crazy? Well that’s the ultimate question you will have to decide for yourself once you hear ALL the facts and ALL the evidence. But let’s just talk about the moon bump since that seems to be one of JFC’s critical pieces of evidence. After all, a licensed attorney (Gregg Woodnick) made a written representation to the court that this DID happen. And there are rules that say a lawyer is NOT allowed to lie to a court, and if you say something to a judge, there is a separate rule (26) that says you are making a certification to the court that you conducted a reasonable investigation into the facts before you made the statement, and you are further certifying that your investigation produced evidence to support what you said.

OK, so did Gregg Woodnick tell the truth about the moon bump, or did he make it up to support his client’s narrative? I have no direct proof as to what Gregg knew or didn’t know at the time, and I don’t know what investigation he performed to support this claim (this is a question he will need to answer later), but let me explain the facts as I understand them.

First, here’s a detailed affidavit from Laura, swearing under penalty of perjury, that she did NOT wear a moon bump or any other form of prosthetic at the court hearing on October 24, 2023. If you hate Laura and think she’s a bad person, she just doubled-down on this by putting her denial in writing, under oath. If you can prove she’s lying, she risks five years in prison.

Second, if you don’t want to bother reading her affidavit, I’ll give you the highlights. Laura is 5’5″ tall and she currently weighs 91 pounds. I don’t know about you, but to me, that is PRETTY FREAKING SKINNY. For comparison’s sake, take a look at these photos (the top one is older, the lower one is from April 2024). Not exactly a heavyset person, would you agree?


OK, so Laura is s-k-i-n-n-y….like RAIL SKINNY. And on October 24, 2023 (the infamous moon bump court hearing), she appeared to be MUCH, MUCH heavier. She was SO much bigger, it was shocking. That’s what caused some people to claim she’s got to be wearing a fake belly. I guess what these folks were really thinking was: “Jeez, Clayton has said she was never pregnant, and here she is on camera looking pretty darn pregnant, how can I explain that? Oh, I know! She’s got to be wearing a fake moon bump!”

Somehow, sadly, that pure speculation has mutated into: “This is FACT. She WAS wearing a fake bump.”  But it’s not. It is nothing but pure, absolute speculation.

Rather than speculating, let’s pause, take a breath, and go back to the facts. On November 14, 2023 (just 3 weeks after the moon bump hearing), Laura went to a OB/GYN facility called MomDoc. If you have ever been to the doctor’s office, you know how this works — when it’s your turn, the nurse will call you back, and the first thing that happens is you jump on the scale so they can take down your weight.

Guess what Laura’s weight was on November 14th?  It’s right there in the records (which Clayton’s lawyer has), so you can read the number for yourself.

Now is that a big deal? Go back and look at the two photos of Laura above. And remember – Laura weighed herself a couple of days ago, and the scale said 91.9 pounds. Again, don’t take my word for it, here’s the photo Laura sent me (and YES, I am writing and posting all this with her express written permission).

That is a difference of more than 40 pounds. Now go back and look at Laura’s normal figure in the photos above. Try to imagine adding 40 pounds to that skinny frame. Are you telling me if you added more than 40 pounds to Laura’s body (as we KNOW she weighed 133 pounds just 3 weeks after the moon bump hearing) — are you telling me you honestly believe she needed to wear a FAKE pregnant belly in court to try and fool people into thinking she was pregnant?

If you can’t tell, this sort of thing is why I believe when this case is over, Laura should absolutely haul every single member of the JFC crew into court, put them in front of a jury, and ask them to explain themselves. Laura is either completely insane, or she is an innocent victim of one of the worst intentional, coordinated, and malicious defamation campaigns I have ever seen. This is not innocent mistakes. These are people who are spreading knowing, intentional lies simply to destroy the life of an innocent girl.

But hey, I’m just a #trampstamplawyer, so what the heck do I know?

Have a nice weekend, ya’ll…..

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  1. Flabbergasted Lawyer

    Dude, it’s not a notarized affidavit (those have to be to be legally binding). What are you doing??

    1. D-list Lawyer

      I honestly question if he’s fishing for bait to claim “harassment” to Laura. There’s no other reason a lawyer who has had his license revoked and had several bouts of discipline from the Bar would do this.

      1. Intrigued Aussie

        I hadn’t heard the bar stuff, I guess that’s a new rabbit hole to go explore!

        1. Laura’s New Baby Daddy

          Yes! He has duis and Google also showed several complaints and discipline from the az Supreme Court. Truly bottom of the barrel. She musta been reallll desperate!

          1. Trisha D

            The ship has sailed. You said if you had proof of lies you’d quit. We’re wayyyy past that now.

          2. David Gingras

            Show me proof of ONE lie that Laura has told since I appeared in the case. ONE THING. Post it here, or shoot me an email: david@gingraslaw.com

            And NO — the fact that Laura wasn’t honest about something BEFORE I got involved does NOT mean I am not allowed to keep helping her. There are specific ethical rules that control how lawyers must act when they have a client who has said something false, and I’m operating 100% in compliance with those rules. If Laura lied about something in the past, my task is to make her admit that mistake and start telling the truth NOW. As far as I can see, that’s exactly what she is doing. If you disagree, prove me wrong and I’ll still drop her tomorrow. That’s a promise.

          3. Geri P

            Well, looks like she has at least ONE obvious lie since you appeared on her case. You only asked for one lie to drop her but I can give more if you need ‘Plan B’. The icing on the cake for me was the ovarian cancer story. She signed the statement you prepared stating (under perjury of law) that she did not send the ovarian cancer reports and had no knowledge of them. The Forensic Guru report differs. Do you have a believable explanation regarding these discrepancies between the Forensic evaluation and Laura’s statement (prepared by you) that she signed? You made a promise publicly on this blog that you would drop her tomorrow if she lied on your watch. Looks to me like tomorrow has passed. Save your career/reputation and encourage Laura to come clean and own up to her actions. You worked hard for that law degree, even passing the Bar on your first try, so don’t let Laura pull you down her rabbit hole and destroy your hard work and dedication. I respect that you want to stand by your client and see that she gets the best representation possible, but you can’t ignore Laura’s pattern of actions and deceit on these men. Laura needs to own up to her actions and get the mental health treatment that she obviously needs.

    2. David Gingras

      What law school did you go to? Wherever it was, you need to ask for a refund.

      There’s a specific law that says a non-notarized affidavit (which is also called a declaration) has exactly the same legal effect as a notarized one. The only effect of a notary is to prove the identity of the person who signed the document. That is not an issue here.

      1. Flabbergasted Lawyer

        It hasn’t been filed in court as evidence. If you do file it THEN under that law its binding. On your blog, nope. These people have no reason to believe this is her signature without a notary (esp. based on the substantial allegations causing you to create this PR campaign). You know this. Waste of a PR move. You also know that you are tracking the state/county addresses of every defaming statement made in these comments to attempt to use as evidence, against the other party, of interstate damages should you win this case.

        1. David Gingras

          I am REALLY trying to allow people to post differing opinions here, including anyone who wants to say I’m a scumbag. That’s fine. Insults do not affect me.

          But the one thing I will not tolerate are bad faith actors who are here only to spread lies and doubts for reasons they know are not legitimate. You seem to fall into that category, so I’ll give you one warning — try to stick to an open and honest discussion of the FACTS. If you continue to post lies and propaganda, I’m just going to block you and remove all your comments. I’d prefer not to do that, but it’s your choice.

          1. Legal Beagle

            This is the most ludicrous and unprofessional case management I have ever seen in my life – AND I HAVE MET ALINA HABBA. The chest beating without basis in fact is tired and useless. Focus on trying your case, not trolling on the internet. Your client has done this to herself. If Laura was in fact pregnant despite all evidence to the contrary (including the information she released herself) I am sure people would offer their heartfelt apologies. Which brings us to the point that no one sought her out to destory. She did that herself, with a couple of burner accounts on Reddit and a drop box. No one knew her, had heard of her, or was thinking about her until that time. The victim card is soundly denied when your complaint is that no one believed your wildly implausible that you got pregnant from fellatio and knew you were having twins 15 minutes later, but miscarried in July, September, October, and November, but still claimed to be 100% pregnant in court….and oh no, maybe it was that your 20 week old fetus somehow magically absorbed itself into your womb…but you had some nearly hand sized products of conception even though they were absorbed. You are not helping your client by simply upping the anti and calling everyone liars including fellow officers of the court(again, despite the fact that you should cast the beam out of your own client’s arts and crafts project exhibits) until you look possibly more deranged then she has been accused of being with all your YUGE new evidence and threats to journalists. If that was your media training, you were robbed. You are better than this farcial attempt at distraction (I hope).

      2. Trippy

        So she 133lb in November which is SKINNY, pictures with horse etc shows she SKINNY she could of weighed 133lb in those photos for all we know you can not tell how much she weighs from a photo! So now she’s 91.9lb so she’s lost 40lb since November could the weight loss be down to stress and health issues. Give records that show weight GAIN her affidavit said she went banner health urgent care 1st June was she not weighed then? or from when she went to PP California in July 2023 for ultrasound was she not weighed there? (not just Laura’s word saying she gained weight) give an actually record saying she was any weight below 133lb between may-november 2023, So you can see she GAINED any weight that is consistent with pregnancy. We are not as stupid as you seem to think we are.

      3. Trisha

        Gingras says he’s concerned about multiple things Laura has said and done to date. He said he’d quit if she lied! Clearly that was false. Gingras claims he understands why we think what we think, but yet, loses his mind when no one is buying the BS they’re trying to sell. NONE of us (Dave & fans) had a dog in this fight other than truth and justice. We didn’t know Laura or Clayton, nor did we CARE! (Dave only recently met him and had him appear at one of his comedy shows) Dave reported on this case initially as that’s what he does!!!(Bachelor News) Dave had questions in the beginning, as we all did. No one had concluded anything, we were all learning together. This case is ONLY public because of his clients efforts in alerting media outlets. Now they want to put a lid on it!! Too late! There are so MANY HUGE red flags that cannot simply be explained away or swept under the rug; story changes, document changes, timeline changes, sex changes, # of babies changes, name changes, date changes, clinic changes, men changes ie: same scenario different men.
        So YES, NOW we have an opinion!!!
        I am a fan of the TRUTH and DAVE, that’s ALL. I know for a FACT Dave N is an honest, loyal, stand up guy who has offered more than once to cover both sides of this story openly and fairly. Gingras doesn’t know Dave but continues to threaten to sue him and anyone else not buying their version of the truth and take everything from them? Why?? It’s not a good look. Dave offered so much grace to both Gingras and Laura initially, although neither reciprocated. Gingras continued to poke the bear and underestimate Dave’s work ethic and the simple law of attraction: basic decency, logic and truth. Gingras has now shot himself and his client in the foot because Dave started looking at all the documents Laura SENT to him with a “different lens” and has uncovered so much more FRAUD!
        Yes, we are an army of (pond scum your words ) Dave Neal fans, and will always side with justice and THE TRUTH. I personally feel very sad for your client, as there seems to be other “major issues” going on far more complicated than pregnancies, vanishing twin and dating contracts. Dave isn’t doing this for breadsticks as Gingras stated. Most of the YouTube videos regarding this debacle are demonetized. Most people do work for compensation, so I’m not sure why that bothers Gingras. Is it jealousy? Lately, Dave receives more in donations from his fans (Pond scum possee) than he would if the videos were monetized. He deserves every cent of it for his hard work and dedication. This case has definitely caused his channel to GROW! Yet again, we appreciate the benefit of the law of attraction! Perhaps it would behoove Gingras to become a fan of Dave at this late date, as he may benefit from all the good juju. Perhaps he may gain notoriety he seeks when the documentary comes out!

  2. Grant Chester

    The moon bump was brought up before Clayton had representation.

      1. Grant Chester

        “OK, so did Gregg Woodnick tell the truth about the moon bump, or did he make it up to support his client’s narrative?”
        Just pointing out he didn’t make it up. You asked a question I answered.

  3. David Gingras is a slime ball

    Absolutely stunned that a fellow lawyer has a BLOG… but the fact that you pick and chose which questions to answer is hilarious! Cannot WAIT until all of her lies unravel. you still never answered the question about the moon bump that she HERSELF claimed was her “pregnant belly” to the judge and even asked if the judge could have Clayton “look at her” during the zoom hearing!

    1. David Gingras

      I have no clue what you’re trying to say, and trust me — you’re not a lawyer.

      You claim I didn’t answer the question about the moon belly? That is the sole point of this post.

      Please, do better.

      1. Reported To The Bar

        I’m crying laughing at the immaturity. My sister is a prosecutor in Phoenix and you have quite the reputation already, but she and her colleagues were cracking up looking at these blogs. I can’t wait for this all to bite you in the ass (spoiler, it already has!). Clearly these comments are hitting a nerve, as displayed by you coming up with wild, impossible theories and you responding back with such immaturity! No wonder you have the reputation you do in Phx.

  4. Tom Bant

    Really decided to double down on being a sleaze ball.

    1. David Gingras

      When people resort to name-calling, that’s when I know I’ve won the argument.

      If you had valid counterpoints, you’d present them. You don’t, so you call me names, because that’s all you’ve got.

      This sort of thing fuels me to push harder to make sure Laura gets justice. And I promise you – she will.

      1. Tom Bant

        Really? What is it called when you later edit a blog to remove the things you said about a podcaster who you hope is going to lose his home due to a lawsuit? I’ll keep my words on the screen unlike you.

        1. Cowardly Gingras

          He is a coward.

      2. Laura + Dave = delulu twins

        No, you haven’t won the argument because you still haven’t answered many of the questions that you don’t have a vague, dumb excuse of an explanation. What a weeny! You see that slime ball lawyer that’s in all the movies that others in the profession hate to be compared to.

      3. the real p0nd scum is you, Davey boi

        You are the one hurting your client MOST in this case, you realize that, right?! How long have you been a lawyer for??? i am SHOOOOOOK at the level you’re letting your emotions get to you and acting like you’re in grade school! this is just PURE entertainment at this point and you are actively digging your own grave (for lack of a better term). telling people to “eff off” on Twitter because they proved you right? did they teach that in law school? jackoff 101??? bc in journalism school and comm, they told the exact opposite! did you happen to get your law degree online? you are NOT going to be happy with your portrayl in the documentary, i can just tell! hopefully laura isn’t too comfy with you, as you might be her next victim!

        your contradictions and comparing your client to harvey weinstein are going to go down as probably your biggest gaffs on this case… can’t wait to see what else you come up with to outdo yourself. i’m sure laura will report you to the bar, just like she did to her previous 5 lawyers!

  5. Useless Internet Troll

    A note to everyone who continues to engage with David Gingras on his blog and his Twitter profile:

    You are strengthening his case by poking holes in it. It’s wishful thinking to believe that you will poke enough holes that he’ll leave the case. Countless things have been pointed out to him already that should have made him step back, and he clearly is not. Let him figure things out for himself, instead of providing opportunities for him to make calls on stupid legal technicalities that only a scummy defense lawyer who lacks a moral compass would use.

    By the way, when you comment on his website, you’re providing your IP address. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a fake name or email. His website stores your IP address. With the way that he has continued to imply that Laura may take action against those who have ‘defamed’ her online, you should really proceed with caution.

    David, it’s not too late to admit that you took on a client who has been lying through her teeth since day 1 and has gotten herself in too deep. I know you won’t do that, though, so I hope that you enjoy the month and a half of chaos, lies, and making yourself look like a fool that you signed up for.

    All the best!

  6. Jay

    I never heard about this story until the “who’s your daddy” videos on law talk with Mike. Are you planning to go after him for defamation as your client suggested? He did make her look stupid after reading portions of her email online!

  7. Beth

    David, please talk to Laura about potential ED. She needs to be seen and evaluated: 92lbs is severely underweight for a 5’5, 33 year old woman. 133 is a very normal weight for her height, the weight I was most of my adult life as woman who always wore a size SMALL, had good muscle mass and is only 1.5″ taller than Laura.

    1. David Gingras


      Thanks for your concern. Laura has had a lot of health problems and she is getting very good care. That’s one reason why her file has literally hundreds of pages of medical records. I agree she’s too thin, but I’m sure she will recover once the stress of this is behind her.

      1. LOL

        Laura’s June 1, 2023 pee test says her weight was over 120 lbs (10 days post conception)….. Yet with the moon bump seen in the hearing and the fake photoshopped pics she claims to have only gained 10 lbs (making her 133)? And now she’s somehow 91 LBS?!? Another example of your client getting one over on you. I doubt 91 lbs is even a true weight (if so she should be hospitalized), more than likely she was leaning off of it to skew the results and make it seem like there is NO way she possibly could have been 130 pounds without being pregnant. Are you that gullible?!…. because we’re not and i doubt Judge Mata will be

        1. David Gingras

          I agree she was 120 on June 1st, she gained around 13 lbs., and then lost over 40 lbs. Totally consistent with her being pregnant, losing it, taking some time for the tissue to reabsorb, and then she returned to a normal weight (and then lost even more weight, likely due to the incredible stress she has been under). Assuming Laura brings a defamation lawsuit against those spreading lies about her, this evidence will be shown to a jury, and Laura will explain the absolute hell she’s been put through by people spreading lies for money. I’m guessing the outcome will be the largest defamation judgment in AZ history. So keep watching this story. It’s not over by a LONG shot.

          FYI — the photos showing her current size are not fake. I personally met with Laura (and her mom) a couple of weeks ago. She was exactly the size shown in those photos (I also had the waiter take a photo of us in the restaurant, just to document the meeting). I’m not posting that group photo, but it confirms she’s as thin as these other images show.

          1. Trippy

            So she gained only 13lb from June-November 5months pregnant with twins or a single pregnancy sorry but nope and you said the beginning post that 92lbs was her normal weight and she had GAINED 40lb so was proof that meant she wouldnt need a fake moon bump
            EXCERPT FROM YOUR INITIAL POST just below the momdoc pic showing 133lb (That is a difference of more than 40 pounds. Now go back and look at Laura’s normal figure in the photos above. Try to imagine adding 40 pounds to that skinny frame. Are you telling me if you added more than 40 pounds to Laura’s body (as we KNOW she weighed 133 pounds just 3 weeks after the moon bump hearing) — are you telling me you honestly believe she needed to wear a FAKE pregnant belly in court to try and fool people into thinking she was pregnant?)

            There’s ABSOLUTELY no chance that she only gained 13lb and also had a bump that big and prominent just nope dont insult people’s intelligence.

          2. Trippy

            David sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is not “Totally consistent with her being pregnant, losing it, taking some time for the tissue to reabsorb, and then she returned to a normal weight”. Their is absolutely no way in any way shape or form that if all she gained was 13lb through out the whole time, she weighed 133Lb 3weeks after the Nov court hearing (1st and 2nd trimester you put on 1Lb+/- a week so her weight GAIN at that point of zoom video she would of been 129Lb roughly) there’s not a chance her stomach would of been that round,big and visible wether its twins or single pregnancy at the November zoom hearing!!

          3. Scraping + Barrell = Gingras Law

            Really leaning in there scraping the bottom of the barrel Dave! You’re as deranged as your client. Hope your career can survive this debacle, but I doubt it, you’re just a laughing stock now. You threaten to haul us all in to explain ourselves to a jury, well bring it gobby! The proof of all the lies is screaming at you, but there’s none so blind as those who don’t wish to see. See you on June 10th! ????

          4. Scraping + Barrell = Gingras Law

            Really leaning in there scraping the bottom of the barrel Dave! You’re as deranged as your client. Hope your career can survive this debacle, but I doubt it, you’re just a laughing stock now. You threaten to haul us all in to explain ourselves to a jury, well bring it gobby! The proof of all the lies is screaming at you, but there’s none so blind as those who don’t wish to see. See you on June 10th! ????

          5. Douchecanoe

            How many time did her body absorb what would have been an almost 1lb fetus with its bones and organs? “REabsorb” means it happened more than once, is her body just over there absorbing and reabsorbing fetuses on the regular? Plus as you so wonderfully mansplained before you edited, you said her body could absorb her uterus! What a marvel of science Laura Owens is, with all her absorbing and reabsorbing. Absorbing and reabsorbing. Blocked and unblocked. I guess the reabsorption is……………..ONgOiNg.

      2. Laura’s Mom

        Laura has a lot of mental health problems, yes.

  8. Ms. Doubtfire

    Unless it comes from a reputable source, I don’t believe ANY of her arts and crafts photos.

  9. Dating Contract

    I’ve been pregnant before and understand you receive multiple ultrasounds to confirm viability. Where is the unaltered Planned Parenthood ultrasound and where are all of the other ultrasounds from MomDoc and her other providers she was compelled to give? All of us would shut up if these simple things were provided.

    I’m not sure if you actually believe her or you’re just believing her because you’re getting paid to.

  10. Woof! Protect Ya Boys!

    Hey boomer! You realize the photo you posted of her with the Keybacker shirt on is made by AI? It’s allededly not a real photo. Also, can you tell me if her new cOmPANy is regulated by AZ DRE and Insurance and Finance? What are her licensing numbers since you’re promoting her company? I’m not seeing anything registered on any of these websites.

    1. #PondScumPosse

      It is totally AI! Look at her fingers! This whole thing blows my mind that a woman is doing this scam & going to such lengths. She’s not even asking for money? Like what’s her motivation? Attention? I think Laura has Borderline Personality Disorder. She needs to be institutionalized.

      1. Scammer Dingus Gringas

        Have you seen her photoshopped videos and pictures? What does Better Call Saul have to say as an excuse for those? He’s as crazy as her and can’t stick to his word. Said he would leave if he found out she lied, has gotten in trouble multiple times by the AZ Bar and acts like THIS. My BIL defense attorney that just won a huge huge huge case said he is surprised gingras can get any clients bc of his track record. He’s a fake just like her!!

  11. Lynne

    So…where is the record from the telehealth DR she sent her miscarriage photos to? Do you, David, have this record in your possession or have you seen it?

    1. David Gingras

      I have personally seen the telehealth records, and they have been provided to Clayton’s lawyer (weeks ago).

  12. Breadstick Money

    I can’t believe Laura found a male attorney version of her. ???? Enjoy the AZ State Bar complaints. It’s embarrassing for your life & for your soul. #TramStampLawyer

  13. James brady

    She weighted 121 pounds in June at Banner Health. In November, she weighed 133 pounds. While 6 months pregnant with twins she gained less than 15 pounds. What she weighed in April is a distraction and smoke and mirrors.

  14. Tannis

    Hi David! Curious, to know if the expert you’re bringing in ever treated Laura? Or your explanation as to why she has no documentation from any of her doctor’s appointments? Especially since she’s having twins?

  15. Lonni

    You probably pretty busy today figuring out how your client got a sonogram from a facility that does not provide them. You must be dropping your client at this point????‍♂️

  16. Paul

    David if it does not go the way you expect and Clayton is indeed awarded fees, does that mean that by a preponderance of the evidence the judge decided “laura was not pregnant” or “the filings were frivolous ” or what would that mean? Also would you appeal, or can you. Thank you for answering our questions.

    1. David Gingras


      Give me a second to stop my head from spinning (it’s spinning because your question is actually intelligent, reasonable, and not just pure propaganda, like 99% of all other comments). OK, head has slowed down, so now I have a few comments in response.

      First, you are exactly right that the ONLY issue left in the case is the question of sanctions. But bear in mind — this is a two-way street. Clayton actually filed and then withdrew a motion for sanctions (because his lawyer failed to follow the rule). So at least at this moment, there is no actual pending motion for sanctions from Clayton’s side. The only basis he has for sanctions is that he requested them in his response to Laura’s original petition. That is PROBABLY not sufficient to even permit the court to award sanctions (if you want sanctions, you typically must file a motion asking for them….which Clayton has not done). This is a technical/procedural problem, and it’s something I am going to be filing a motion on in the next few days. Basically, I am going to file a motion that asks the court to resolve the issue of sanctions as a matter of law, because Clayton hasn’t followed the correct legal procedure to obtain sanctions. If the judge agrees with me, that would basically terminate the case. There would be no need for a trial (because even if Laura lied, Clayton still wouldn’t be entitled to sanctions because he hasn’t followed the legal requirements for seeking them). I know very few people will understand this, but it’s still an important issue I’m going to raise.

      Second, I’m also planning to file a motion this week asking the court to sanction Clayton and his lawyer. The basis for this (no surprise) is that Clayton’s lawyer has violated several key rules in this case. Basically, the rules require parties to meet and confer before they file anything (Clayton’s lawyer has ignored that rule repeatedly). In addition, the primary rule that controls sanctions (Rule 26) literally says that a party cannot be sanction unless they are giving a written warning FIRST, AND they must be given a “safe harbor” within which they are allowed to drop the case. If a party is given that chance, they are allowed to drop the case without any penalty, meaning they cannot be sanctioned, even if they lied about every other issue in the case.

      Clayton’s lawyer simply ignored that rule. He never gave Laura the written warning required by Rule 26, and he never gave her any chance to drop the case and walk away. The result of that error is Clayton’s lawyer has forced both sides to incur tens of thousands in legal fees fighting a case that Laura was willing to drop back in December. Based on this clear and egregious violation of the rules, I am going to ask the court to make Clayton and his lawyer pay all of Laura’s fees….and I fully expect that request will be granted.

      Third, being realistic, it is always possible the judge could still rule in Clayton’s favor. I don’t see any basis for this, but judges are human beings, and sometimes they make mistakes. In this case, there are really two issues the judge would need to decide in order to sanction Laura: 1.) Did Laura know, on August 1, 2023, that she was not pregnant?; and 2.) assuming Laura was pregnant on August 1, 2023 and the pregnancy later ended due to whatever reason, did she continue pursuing the case for an unreasonable amount of time after learning she was no longer pregnant?

      Those are really the ONLY two issues the judge will need to decide, and obviously they involve different questions. I know the JFC folks think they have SO much proof that Laura was never pregnant, but they always seem to ignore, or just brush off, the evidence that shows she WAS pregnant — prior to August 1, 2023, Laura had sexual contact with Clayton (Clayton denies actual sex, but he has admitted sexual contact took place that our expert will say was sufficient to get Laura pregnant). Prior to August 1, 2023, Laura had FIVE positive pregnancy tests, including three home tests she took herself, one test done at an urgent care facility, and one home test Clayton gave to her which she took directly in front of him. All five of those results were positive. Oh, and one more thing — she also missed her period. Based on this, I don’t think there is any chance in hell the judge will say Laura had no reason to think she was pregnant when the case was filed (and keep in mind – the question is NOT whether Laura was actually pregnant….the only question is whether she had some valid grounds to think she might be pregnant).

      As for whether she tried to drop the case within a reasonable amount of time after learning she was no longer pregnant, that’s pretty simple. Laura first learned she was no longer pregnant when she went to an OB/GYN called “MomDoc” on November 14, 2023. They gave her two tests, and both showed negative. That was when she first learned the pregnancy had failed.

      Laura filed nothing further in the case after that date (she is not a lawyer and did not know what she needed to do in order to drop the case). But that’s not a problem — court administration sent a notice about a month later saying the case would be dismissed for lack of any activity, so if Clayton had done nothing further, the case would have ended without either side having to spend a dime on legal fees.

      So there you have it. I see no way the judge could sanction Laura for filing the case in bad faith, and I see no way she could be sanctioned for failing to withdraw the case sooner. Of course Clayton will whine and cry and say she knew she was never pregnant at all, but the facts just do not support this in the slightest (and that’s true even accepting all the other problems with Laura’s credibility).

      I know the haters will be furious, but the fact remains that even if Laura lied about being pregnant 3x in the past (which she absolutely denies), that does NOT mean she wasn’t pregnant with Clayton. Because she was. Zero question whatsoever.

      1. Better Call Saul

        it sounds like you are doing a lot more whining and crying than clayton has.

  17. Paul

    Hi David, hope your well and having a good weekend. I follow you on twitter & regularly read your blogs. I think it’s important to hear from both sides before forming an opinion, I know June 10th isn’t that far away & your probably going to be working all hours to be prepared for this & your other cases.
    What I guess I’m looking for is any updates from your end, any new filings or anything you can share. I don’t know if it’s a regional thing, but I can’t seem to be able to read your latest blog entry. If it is not, I understand.
    I will keep an eye out for anything else you choose to share.
    All the best for now & God Bless

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